Der Gegner am Tor

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Der Gegner am Tor
Der Gegner am Tor quest icon.png
Benötigt Ja
Start Finde Löwenauges Wacht
Boss Hillock

Der Gegner am Tor ist eine Quest in Akt 1.


(Optional) Talk to the nearby Dying Exile to learn that there may be people further up the beach.

Dying Exile : We're all that made it? They dumped... two dozen of us exiles off that ship. Guess that makes us the lucky ones. Luckier than... this poor bastard beside me, at any rate.
Splinter sticking out of me? Missed all the important bits... I saw smoke at those ruins up the beach. Go get some help, and I might just-

Make your way up the beach and, as you approach the end, your quest begins.

Quest Notification.png Kill Hillock

Kill Hillock. He is outside the town.

Quest Notification.png Enter town for your reward

You have killed Hillock. Enter town for your reward.

Quest Notification.png Talk to Tarkleigh

You have killed Hillock. Talk to Tarkleigh for your reward.

Tarkleigh: Fine work with Hillock. Where'd you learn to fight like that? No, don't tell me. We exiles have no history. Dominus took it from us the moment his Blackguards dumped us in the water out there. It's just live or die, now.
Here, have one of these, and no need to thank me. I'm thinking of myself, and the others here. The longer we fighters live, the longer everyone lives.

Tarkleigh offers you a skill gem.

Quest Notification.png Quest complete

Quest Complete – You have slain Hillock and have received a reward from Tarkleigh.

Quest rewards

Lua-Fehler: Modul:Cargo:959: Fehlende Ergebnisse für das Feld "items._pageName" mit den Werten: Kobraschlag

Vendor rewards

Lua-Fehler: Modul:Cargo:959: Fehlende Ergebnisse für das Feld "items._pageName" mit den Werten: Doppelschlag Kobraschlag

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