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История изменений

Описание патча[]

Эти заметки из официального патча Версия 0.6.0 выпущенной Grinding Gear Games.[1]

  • Added skill gems and skill augmentation
  • Added new skills: Ground Slam, Elemental Hit and Cleave
  • Items now spawn with sockets
  • Added decal support
  • Monsters and players leave blood on the ground as they get hurt or die
  • Added support for bows
  • Arrows stick in objects properly
  • Arrows have trails as they fly through the air
  • A Stash is available for storage in town
  • Added rhoa nest chests in the Mud Flats
  • Added fog in some areas
  • Added waterfalls
  • Dual wielding works now
  • Added support for lights in doodads
  • Substantially improved client combat prediction
  • Can now press alt to see interactables and sockets in addition to items
  • New character information screen
  • Made orbs of augmentation stackable
  • Improved data file loading speed
  • Fixed changing areas so that it is more reliable
  • Added mana usage and mana mods
  • Complete rebalance of monsters, items and areas
  • Life values are higher on all entities, for more granularity
  • Set up rapiers to act as thrusting swords
  • Added corpse chests
  • Fixed scaling of ground textures for some areas
  • Multiple shot projectiles possible
  • Fixes to firing projectiles up/down elevation
  • Scavengers now either run or walk
  • Fixed a bug with critical strikes occurring too often
  • Added many new items, including many helmets
  • Ice Nova now ripples damage correctly
  • Fixed bug with sandspitter behaviour
  • Many more rooms for all indoors areas added
  • Improved display of skill hover information
  • Improved passive skill screen


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