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These are the official patch notes for Version 0.7.0 released by Grinding Gear Games.[1]

  • Completely rebalanced everything
  • Added Cruel and Ruthless difficulty levels
  • Enabled the Witch character class
  • Added a quest screen that shows the next step on any active quests
  • Enabled quest restrictions on which areas can be entered
  • Added monster difficulty/reward scaling for parties
  • Added experience sharing among members of a party
  • Ground items now show socket arrangement
  • Improved calculation of chill/freeze/burn effects
  • Added attribute requirements to skill gems
  • Bosses should now generally drop better rewards
  • Pathfinding improvements
  • Fixed shift-attacking
  • Changed life and mana leech to leech over time
  • Added better out-of-sync detection and recovery
  • Fixed bug with party members changing instance simultaneously
  • Changed monster spawn density to provide better coverage
  • Added bindable key to show all hovers permanently (Z)
  • Inventory slots highlight to show where items can be placed
  • Skills show damage per second estimate
  • Gems socketed into ground items are now very visible
  • Size of elemental visual effects are now proportional to damage magnitude
  • Improved monster AI regarding fleeing


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