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These are the official patch notes for Version 0.7.2 released by Grinding Gear Games.[1]


  • Enabled the other three character classes, without their correct art or names
  • Coloured minimap to have better contrast and highlighted doors
  • Added game tips to the loading screen
  • Added new flask rendering technique
  • Goat men can now leap at you
  • Scavengers have a new ranged attack
  • Improvements to the main menu scene (work in progress still)
  • Added "Reduced Mana Cost" support gem
  • Added "Increased Critical Strikes" support gem
  • Added "Knockback" support gem
  • Added "Life Leech" support gem
  • Added "Mana Leech" support gem
  • Added "Added Chaos Damage" support gem
  • Magic monsters now drop at least one item
  • Regal Orb now adds a mod in addition to upgrading from magic to rare
  • Sockets are shown on an item while it is on the cursor
  • New Act 1 NPC added
  • Destroy Item box warns about socketed items
  • Anisotropic Filtering support added
  • Elemental damage display on weapons is now coloured
  • Realm shutdown time increased
  • Life/mana/shields are regenerated when you arrive at town

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed item drops from bosses
  • Fixed crashes related to item linking
  • Pressing another button while holding an active skill key no longer cancels the auto-repeat
  • Various server stability fixes
  • Characters are now saved properly when the realm shuts down
  • Text should no longer be cut off at the end of lines


  • Rares can now have six mods
  • Greatly decreased mana cost of Area of Effect support gem
  • Increased rarity of Orb of Scouring currency item
  • Increased damage of Cleave skill
  • Increased damage of Elemental Hit skill
  • Reduced requirements of Added Lightning Damage support gem
  • Decreased Shield Crab life
  • Rebalanced raised zombies to have half as much life and to die over 90 seconds


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