Версия 0.9.0

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История изменений

Описание патча[править | править код]

These are the official patch notes for version 0.9.0 released by Grinding Gear Games.

Features[править | править код]

  • Added client timeouts so that you vanish from the world five seconds after you stop responding. Hardcore player should get fewer unfair deaths.
  • Modified the rain in higher difficulties of the Twilight Strand. It was causing performance issues on slower machines.

Bug Fixes[править | править код]

  • Fixed a crash that can occur when using Flicker Strike.
  • Fixed experience progression of the high levels of certain skill gems.
  • Fixed the size of Freezing Pulse so that it more accurately reflects the art.
  • Fixed a problem that would cause a bad frame to be displayed for a second or two when joining a new area. It's now faster because of this.
  • Fixed the quest rewards for difficulty 2 Hillock.

Balance[править | править код]

  • Nerfed the life recovered from life flasks by 33%.
  • Increased Split Arrow damage.
  • Increased Sweep damage.
  • Changed the base types of many of the temporary unique items.
  • Made Shield Charge of both players and Rhoas faster.
  • Slightly reduced the size of weapon damage and armour percentage mods.
  • Split the armour percentage mods into multiple mod series (one of which can get decreased stun duration).
  • Made the first two areas slightly easier.