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История изменений

Описание патча[]

Эти заметки из официального патча Версия 0.9.3g, выпущенного Grinding Gear Games.[1]

  • Added European servers! They're part of the same realm - just select a gateway when you launch the game and you'll be put on the appropriate servers by default when creating an area. You can still play with anyone in the world.
  • Developers now speak in orange text in game. This should solve impersonation issues.
  • Changed the empty game-instance decay time back to 15 minutes (from 8).
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the realm starting correctly.
  • Increased the drop rates of Orb of Alchemy by 50%, Orb of Chance by 25% and Chaos Sphere by 100%. They're still quite hard to find.
  • Doubled the damage reflected by the damage reflection auras.
  • Changed Immortal Call to have no up-front invulnerability time (it now requires Endurance Charges to have any effect).
  • Immortal Call now only prevents Physical damage.
  • Changed Detonate Dead, Infernal Blow and Explosive Arrow to not have their damage scaled by mods that affect "Spell Damage".
  • Reduced the freeze duration of Merveil's Cold Snap.
  • Increased the drop rate of belts.
  • Increased the damage of Dual Strike by reducing its damage penalty from -20% to -10%.
  • Fixed Glacial Hammer to scale in damage properly as it levels up.
  • Reduced the Vendor costs of Flasks and hid some invalid high level items.


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