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Daily missions of Leo, Master of the Arena.


Date Mission
2014-12-13 Win a 6v6 CTF
2014-12-14 Win 1v1
2014-12-15 Win 3v3
2014-12-16 Arena kill
2014-12-17 Win a 6v6 CTF as Duelist, Shadow, Templar or Scion
2014-12-18 3 Arena kills without dying
2014-12-19 Kill every enemy player in a round during 3v3
2014-12-20 Survive 180 seconds in the Arena
2014-12-21 Win a 6v6 CTF
2014-12-22 Arena kill
2014-12-23 Win a 6v6 CTF as Witch, Marauder or Ranger
2014-12-24 Win 1v1 as Witch, Marauder or Ranger
2014-12-25 Kill an opponent who is carrying the flag
2014-12-26 Win a 1v1 round in under 25 seconds
2014-12-27 Kill a player in a 3v3 round in under 25 seconds