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Это файл конфигурации для Модуля:Item table. Этот файл можно отредактировать, чтобы упростить перевод/перенос модуля на другие вики-страницы.

-- Configuration for Module:Item table

local m_util = require('Module:Util')

local cfg = {}

-- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
-- i18n
-- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

cfg.i18n = {}

-- Used by the item table
cfg.i18n.item_table = {
    item = 'Item',
    skill_gem = 'Skill gem',

    physical_dps = m_util.html.abbr('pDPS', 'physical damage per second'),
    fire_dps = m_util.html.abbr('Fire DPS', 'fire damage per second'),
    cold_dps = m_util.html.abbr('Cold DPS', 'cold damage per second'),
    lightning_dps = m_util.html.abbr('Light. DPS', 'lightning damage per second'),
    chaos_dps = m_util.html.abbr('Chaos DPS', 'chaos damage per second'),
    elemental_dps = m_util.html.abbr('eDPS', 'elemental damage (i.e. fire/cold/lightning) per second'),
    poison_dps = m_util.html.abbr('Poison DPS', 'poison damage (i.e. physical/chaos) per second'),
    dps = m_util.html.abbr('DPS', 'total damage (i.e. physical/fire/cold/lightning/chaos) per second'),
    base_item = 'Base Item',
    metadata_id = 'Metadata ID',
    item_class = 'Item Class',
    rarity = 'Rarity',
    rarity_id = 'Rarity ID',
    essence_level = 'Essence<br>Level',
    drop_level = 'Drop<br>Level',
    release_version = 'Release<br>Version',
    removal_version = 'Removal<br>Version',
    version_link = '[[Version %s|%s]]',
    drop_enabled = m_util.html.abbr('Drop<br>Enabled', 'If an item is drop disabled, it can not be normally obtained, but still may be available under specific conditions (like trading via standard league or limited time events'),
    drop_leagues = 'Drop Leagues',
    drop_leagues_link = '[[%s league|%s]]',
    drop_areas = 'Drop Areas',
    drop_monsters = 'Drop Monsters',
    drop_text = 'Additional<br>Drop Restrictions',
    stack_size = 'Stack<br>Size',
    stack_size_currency_tab = m_util.html.abbr('Tab<br>Stack<br>Size', 'Stack size in the currency stash tab'),
    armour = m_util.html.abbr('AR', 'Armour'),
    evasion = m_util.html.abbr('EV', 'Evasion Rating'),
    energy_shield = m_util.html.abbr('ES', 'Energy Shield'),
    ward = m_util.html.abbr('WD', 'Ward'),
    block = m_util.html.abbr('Block', 'Chance to Block'),
    damage = m_util.html.abbr('Damage', 'Colour coded damage'),
    attacks_per_second = m_util.html.abbr('APS', 'Attacks per second'),
    local_critical_strike_chance = m_util.html.abbr('Crit', 'Local weapon critical strike chance'),
    flask_life = m_util.html.abbr('Life', 'Life regenerated over the flask duration'),
    flask_life_per_second = m_util.html.abbr('Life/s', 'Life regenerated each second'),
    flask_life_per_charge = m_util.html.abbr('Life/c', 'Life regenerated per flask charge'),
    flask_mana = m_util.html.abbr('Mana', 'Mana regenerated over the flask duration'),
    flask_mana_per_second = m_util.html.abbr('Mana/s', 'Mana regenerated each second'),
    flask_mana_per_charge = m_util.html.abbr('Mana/c', 'Mana regenerated per flask charge'),
    flask_duration = 'Duration',
    flask_charges_per_use = m_util.html.abbr('Usage', 'Number of charges consumed on use'),
    flask_maximum_charges = m_util.html.abbr('Capacity', 'Maximum number of flask charges held'),
    seed_type = 'Seed Type',
    seed_tier = 'Seed<br>Tier',
    seed_growth_cycles = 'Growth<br>Cycles',
    seed_consumed_primal_lifeforce_percentage = m_util.html.abbr('Primal<br>Lifeforce<br>consumed', 'How much of the consumed life force is of the primal type.'),
    seed_consumed_vivid_lifeforce_percentage = m_util.html.abbr('Vivid<br>Lifeforce<br>consumed', 'How much of the consumed life force is of the vivid type.'),
    seed_consumed_wild_lifeforce_percentage = m_util.html.abbr('Wild<br>Lifeforce<br>consumed', 'How much of the consumed life force is of the wild type.'),
    seed_required_nearby_seed_amount = m_util.html.abbr('Nearby<br>Seeds<br>required', 'How many seeds of the same type are required for this seed.'),
    seed_required_nearby_seed_tier = m_util.html.abbr('Nearby<br>Seed<br>Tier', 'The minimum tier required of nearby seeds of the same type.'),
    seed_granted_crafting_options = 'Crafting Options',
    item_limit = 'Limit',
    jewel_radius = 'Radius',
    map_tier = 'Map<br>Tier',
    map_level = 'Map<br>Level',
    map_guild_character = m_util.html.abbr('Char', 'Character for the guild tag'),
    atlas_tier = 'Atlas map tier<br>based on [[atlas region|region]]',
    atlas_level = 'Atlas map level<br>based on [[atlas region|region]]',
    master_level_requirement = '[[Image:Level up icon small.png‎|link=|Master level]]',
    master = 'Master',
    master_favour_cost = 'Favour<br>Cost',
    variation_count = 'Variations',
    buff_effects = 'Buff Effects',
    stats = 'Stats',
    quality_stats = 'Stats per 1% [[Quality]]',
    effects = 'Effect(s)',
    incubator_effect = 'Incubation Effect',
    flavour_text = 'Flavour Text',
    prediction_text = 'Prediction',
    help_text = 'Help Text',
    seal_cost = m_util.html.abbr('Seal<br>Cost', 'Silver Coin cost of sealing this prophecies into an item'),
    objective = 'Objective',
    reward = 'Reward',
    buff_icon = 'Buff<br>Icon',
    quest_name = 'Quest',
    quest_act = 'Quest<br>Act',
    purchase_costs = m_util.html.abbr('Purchase Cost', 'Cost of purchasing an item of this type at NPC vendors. This does not indicate whether NPCs actually sell the item.'),
    sell_price = m_util.html.abbr('Sell Price', 'Items or currency received when selling this item at NPC vendors. Certain vendor recipes may override this value.'),
    boss_name = 'Boss',
    boss_number = 'Number of bosses',
    legacy = m_util.html.abbr('Legacy stats', 'Compare legacy variants to the current one.&#10;• Bright text indicates modifiers that are different from the latest variant.&#10;• Strike-through text indicates modifiers that do not exist on legacy variants.'),
    granted_skills = 'Granted skills',
    granted_skills_level_label = 'Level',
    granted_skills_level_pattern = '{granted_skills_level_label}%s*(%d+)',
    granted_skills_level_format = '{granted_skills_level_label} {level_number} ',
    granted_skills_skill_output_format = '{level}{sl}',
    granted_skills_gem_output_format = '{level}{il}',
    alternate_art = 'Alternate<br>Arts',

    -- Skills
    support_gem_letter = m_util.html.abbr('L', 'Support gem letter.'),
    skill_icon = 'Icon',
    description = 'Description',
    skill_critical_strike_chance = m_util.html.abbr('Crit', 'Critical Strike Chance'),
    cast_time = m_util.html.abbr('Cast<br>Time', 'Casting time of the skill in seconds'),
    attack_speed_multiplier = m_util.html.abbr('ASPD', 'Attack Speed Multiplier'),
    damage_effectiveness = m_util.html.abbr('Dmg.<br>Eff.', 'Effectiveness of Added Damage'),
    mana_cost_multiplier = m_util.html.abbr('MCM', 'Mana cost multiplier - missing values indicate it changes on gem level'),
    mana_cost = m_util.html.abbr('Mana', 'Mana cost'),
    reserves_mana_suffix = m_util.html.abbr('R', 'reserves mana'),
    vaal_souls_requirement = m_util.html.abbr('Souls', 'Vaal souls requirement (1.5x in part 2, 2x in maps)'),
    stored_uses = m_util.html.abbr('Uses', 'Maximum number of stored uses'),
    primary_radius = m_util.html.abbr('R1', 'Primary radius'),
    secondary_radius = m_util.html.abbr('R2', 'Secondary radius'),
    tertiary_radius = m_util.html.abbr('R3', 'Tertiary radius'),
    vendor_rewards = m_util.html.abbr('Vendor rewards', 'Vendor rewards after quest completion'),
    vendor_rewards_row_format = '[[Act %s]] after [[%s]] from [[%s]] with %s.',
    vendor_rewards_any_classes = 'any character',
    quest_rewards = m_util.html.abbr('Quest rewards', 'Rewards after quest completion'),
    quest_rewards_row_format = '[[Act %s]] after [[%s]] with %s.',
    quest_rewards_any_classes = 'any character',

cfg.i18n.prophecy_description = {
    objective = 'Objective',
    reward = 'Reward',

cfg.i18n.item_disambiguation = {
    original = 'the original variant',
    drop_enabled = 'the current drop enabled variant',
    drop_disabled = 'a legacy variant',
    known_release = ' that was introduced in [[%s|%s]]',
    list_pattern = '%s, %s%s.'

cfg.i18n.categories = {
    -- maintenance cats
    query_limit = 'Item tables hitting query limit',
    query_hard_limit = 'Item tables hitting hard query limit',
    no_results = 'Item tables without results',

cfg.i18n.errors = {
    generic_argument_parameter = 'Unrecognized %s parameter "%s"',
    invalid_item_table_mode = 'Invalid mode for item table',

-- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
-- Constants
-- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

-- Namespaces items are primarily defined in. Used to narrow down query.
local namespaces = {
    0, -- Main
    10016, -- Map
cfg.item_namespaces = table.concat(namespaces, ',')

return cfg