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  a_z0_9 wrote:
   "Immune to Elemental Status Ailments during Flask Effect"
   If ailment was applied before flask has been used will ailment effect exist during flask effect duration?

Yes, currently.

   So, basically is it possible to be ignited or shocked before and take burn damage over time or extra damage from the shock while having Elemental Status Ailments immunity? Does that immunity mean immunity to 'on hit effect' only?

Yes, currently.

We are currently changing descriptions to better distinguish between granting "immunity to X" and "cannot be affected by X" (shortened to "cannot be Xed" where applicable). Once this change is finished and made live (currently planned as part of 2.4.0, but that could change), gaining immunity to something will remove instances of that thing, in addition to preventing new instances, while "cannot be affected by" will prevent new effects applying, but not remove existing ones. You'll see this in patch notes when it makes it to live.[1]
  1. Mark_GGG (July 19, 2016). "Mechanical Questions Thread". Official Path of Exile Forums. Получено 23 июля 2016.

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