Плодоремесленная установка

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Плодоремесленная установкаПредмет для убежища
Размер стопки: 20
Создаёт объект в вашем убежищеИзменений: 0Для разделения щелкните мышкой с зажатой клавишей Shift.Цена расположения: 0
Horticrafting Station inventory icon.png
Цена продажи
1x Обрывок свитка
Класс предмета: Предметы убежища
Metadata ID: Metadata/Items/Hideout/HideoutHarvestCraftingBench

Horticrafting Station placed in a player's hideout

Плодоремесленная установка - это предмет убежища that provides the Horticrafting ability. Players may store up to 10 Horticrafting mods in the station, and may use those mods at any time directly from their hideout.

Unlocking[править | править код]

In order to unlock this hideout object, players need to run maps until an entrace to The Sacred Grove appears. Players then need to complete the grove encounter by following these steps. Then players can return to their hideout, and open the hideout customization interface and add the Horticrafting Station.

Usage[править | править код]

Horticrafting Station interface (differs from the Horticrafting interface in the Sacred Grove)

Unlike a regular Crafting Bench which allows unlimited usage of unlocked crafting options, the Horticrafting Station can store only 10 craftable mods. The same mod can be added to the station multiple times, if it is available in the grove.

From the bench interface, players can:

  • Place an item into a socket for crafting
  • Use stored Horticrafting mods on the item, consuming the mod. Players get only one try to use each mod.
  • Delete stored Horticrafting mods, freeing up space to store other mods

Получение предмета

История изменений[править | править код]

Версия Изменения
  • Теперь является предметом убежища (было "Оборудование Жатвы")
  • Добавлено в игру.