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With the release of Path of Exile: The Awakening (version 2.0.0), item filters were introduced as an optional feature for players to customize what they see when items drop in the game.

There are multiple options from colors, text size, borders and even sounds

Although the game does offer a default filter, there is no in-game system for editing them; end users can write and tailor their own filter using a text editor. (Though there are several scripts out there that can do the hard work for you).

I wrote the original guide while the BETA for Path of Exile: The Awakening was running, and through that time I edited in new options etc as they became available.

As requested via my Original Thread on Path of Exile I have now made it available here.

Item Filters - The How To Guide[]

Using an existing filter[]

Creating your own[]

To create a Loot filter, you generally need to use a text editor such as NOTEPAD Some versions of NOTEPAD++ Do work, but most do not from reports. Currently the Encoding must be ANSI or UTF-8

Currently if any part of the file directory contains a non-english character it will not work - this includes your computer username

You can Edit your filter with the game still running. All you need to do is Open it, edit it and save it then press reload in the client.

The basic idea is a list of Show and Hide "blocks" that each specify certain conditions by information provided in each line. Anything matched by a Show block will be shown and anything matched by a Hide block will be hidden. If there are multiple conditions in a block then all of them must be matched for the block to match an item.

Code Breakdown[]


A section is defined as a *collection of blocks*, typically with a general purpose in mind. For example, the section outlined in red is designed to highlight certain gems. All sections in a script should begin with a 4-digit header code, which can be used to quickly jump from place to place within the script.

A block is defined as a *collection of lines*, which have a singular purpose. In the block in orange, rare gems such as Empower are highlighted. A block must begin with a "Show" or "Hide" line. A block ends when another line containing Show or Hide is read by the client.

A line is used to give instructions *to the block in which it is contained*. The line highlighted in yellow gives a blue-green background to quality gems, but does not affect the block below it, which affects only rare gems.

Sample Filter[]

# You can add comments in filters by placing them behind a # on a new line.
# This is a comment - The client will ignore this.
    BaseType Flask
    Quality < 10
    BaseType Flask
    Rarity >= Rare
    DropLevel >= 70
    BaseType "Scroll of Wisdom"
    Class Map Currency
    Class Gem
    PlayAlertSound 4 75
    Quality 20
    SetTextColor 0 0 255
    Sockets 6
    SetBorderColor 255 0 0 
    LinkedSockets >= 5
    SetFontSize 45

This Filter shows

  • All Flasks with 10% or more quality
  • Rare and unique items
  • Base items equal to and above level 70
  • Currency except Wisdom Scrolls
  • Maps
  • All Gems A sound will play
  • Normal and Magic Items with 20% quality This has blue text
  • 6 Socketed Items This has a Red Border
  • Items with 5 or more links This is shown with much larger text

Everything else will be hidden unless you press ALT

The most important thing to note is that blocks are read from top to bottom in the file by the client, The highest block takes priority, which means that you need to have the block that hides the scrolls, above before the line that shows the currency, because scrolls would also match the currency block.

This is why flasks come first in this list, They can not be rare and their droplevel is below 70.

An empty block matches all items, which means that the Hide at the end of the file effectively hides everything that wasn't specifically shown.




List of Item Classes[]

You can specify any from this list:

Класс предметовВнутренний IDКатегория
Флаконы жизниLifeFlaskФлаконы
Флаконы маныManaFlaskФлаконы
Флаконы равновесияHybridFlaskФлаконы
КогтиClawОдноручное оружие
КинжалыDaggerОдноручное оружие
ЖезлыWandОдноручное оружие
Одноручные мечиOne Hand SwordОдноручное оружие
ШпагиThrusting One Hand SwordОдноручное оружие
Одноручные топорыOne Hand AxeОдноручное оружие
Одноручные булавыOne Hand MaceОдноручное оружие
ЛукиBowДвуручное оружие
ПосохиStaffДвуручное оружие
Двуручные мечиTwo Hand SwordДвуручное оружие
Двуручные топорыTwo Hand AxeДвуручное оружие
Двуручные булавыTwo Hand MaceДвуручное оружие
Камни уменийActive Skill GemКамни
Камни поддержкиSupport Skill GemКамни
КолчаныQuiverЛевая рука
Нательные доспехиBody ArmourДоспехи
ЩитыShieldЛевая рука
Вещи для заданийQuestItem
СкипетрыSceptreОдноручное оружие
Особые флаконыUtilityFlaskФлаконы
Важные особые флаконыUtilityFlaskCriticalФлаконы
Без оружияUnarmed
УдочкиFishingRodДвуручное оружие
Обрывки картMapFragmentПрочее
Предметы убежищаHideoutDoodad
Гадальные картыDivinationCardПрочее
Предмет лабиринтаLabyrinthItemЛабиринт
Брелок лабиринтаLabyrinthTrinketЛабиринт
Предмет карты лабиринтаLabyrinthMapItemЛабиринт
Прочие предметы картMiscMapItemПрочее
Камни лигиLeaguestoneПрочее
Душа ПантеонаPantheonSoul
Самоцвет БездныAbyssJewelПрочее
Предмет ВмешательстваIncursionItem
Валюта СпускаDelveSocketableCurrency
Shard HeartUniqueShardBase
Рунические кинжалыRune DaggerОдноручное оружие
Воинские посохиWarstaffДвуручное оружие
Валюта СпускаDelveStackableSocketableCurrency
Предмет улучшения области АтласаAtlasRegionUpgradeItem
Образец МетаморфаMetamorphosisDNA
Семя ЖатвыHarvestSeed
Оборудование ЖатвыHarvestInfrastructure
Усилитель семянHarvestPlantBooster
Разбойничьи принадлежностиHeistEquipmentWeapon
Разбойничий инструментHeistEquipmentTool
Разбойничья накидкаHeistEquipmentUtility
Разбойничья брошьHeistEquipmentReward
Предмет кражиHeistObjective

If you specify part of a name it will match all that contain that part of the name. For example "Skill Gems" will match both "Active Skill Gems" and "Support Skill Gems"

Using Quotation Marks for Classes[]

An example of why you should always use quotes for multi-word classes, consider the following:

I want to find all one-handed swords, thrusting and otherwise. So, I include the line

    Class One Hand Swords

When an item drops, this first looks for any class which includes "One." This will mark: One Hand Swords, Thrusting One Hand Swords, One Hand Axes, One Hand Maces

If it doesn't match those, it'll attempt to match on "Hand." This will mark: Two Hand Swords, Two Hand Axes, Two Hand Maces

Failing both of those, it'll attempt to match on "Swords." This will not mark anything additional, because One Hand Swords, Thrusting One Hand Swords, and Two Hand Swords have already been included.

Now, whatever styling you include will be applied to all of the above classes of weapons. If you really only want One Hand Swords and Thrusting One Hand Swords, use

    Class "One Hand Swords"

Condition Adjustment[]

Font Size Adjustment is 18-45 (32 is normal)

SetFontSize 40 

Volume Adjustment is 0-300 (yet to find out normal value)

PlayAlertSound 7 59

Height and Width You can set the height and width for an item to be for your filter to apply. This would work well in the RGB linked items section where you might not want to be picking up RGB items such as 2hs that take up alot of space in your inventory.

    Width 1
    Height >2
    SocketGroup RGB 

This would show any rgb linked items that are 1 space wide and 3-4 high, eg. Daggers, Wands, Thrusting 1h Swords, 1h Swords. Note that the height condition is obsolete since all these items with the RGB link are by definition 3 or 4 squares high.

    Width 2
    Height <= 3
    SocketGroup RGB 

Would show Helmets, Boots, Gloves, Claws, Bows, Scepters, Body Armours and some 1h weapons. Here the second line is almost obsolete, as it only excludes Wands, Daggers and some 1h Swords.

Size conditions should be handled with care when dealing with many weapons, especially swords, and shields, as these occur in several differently sized types.

Color Options[]

Use a color picker such as in MSPaint


Any RGBA combo can be used for the color combinations 0 0 0 0 to 255 255 255 255

The A is the Alpha Channel which controls opacity/transparency. For the Alpha Channel I would recommend not using lower than 150 as it gets too hard to see.

Colors used in game:

Preview RGB Note
  200 200 200   Normal item
  136 136 255   Magic item
  255 255 119   Rare item
  175 96 37   Unique item
  27 162 155   Skill gem
  170 158 130   Currency
  74 230 58   Quest item
  14 186 255   Divination card
  127 127 127   Default text
  255 255 255   Value text
  136 136 255   Augmented value text
  150 0 0   Fire damage
  54 100 146   Cold damage
  255 215 0   Lightning damage
  208 32 144   Chaos damage
  184 218 242   Crafted mod
  210 0 0   Corrupted
  180 96 0   Supporter pack new item
  163 141 109   Supporter pack item
  255 200 0   Nemesis mod
  255 40 0   Nemesis mod outline
  210 0 220   Bloodline mod
  74 0 160   Bloodline mod outline
  50 230 100   Torment mod
  0 100 150   Torment mod outline
  231 180 120   Title
  170 158 120   Favour
  255 192 203  
  30 144 255  

Premium stash tab colors:

Preview RGB
  124 81 50  
  191 91 0  
  254 191 128  
  38 0 86  
  88 0 179  
  192 128 254  
  98 128 0  
  191 244 0  
  239 254 128  
  86 0 0  
  191 0 0  
  254 128 128  
  0 0 128  
  0 0 254  
  128 179 254  
  254 170 0  
  254 213 0  
  254 254 153  
  114 0 83  
  204 0 154  
  254 128 222  
  0 73 0  
  0 191 0  
  128 254 128  
  42 42 42  
  135 135 135  
  221 221 221  

Cutting your code down to size![]

While most people are happy to put in the effort to make sure they haven't missed anything in their filter code, There are shortcuts to be taken without compromising your filter.

Cutting short your Class Types[]

For instance, while you might just want to see everything else that you haven't specifically listed you can simply put


At the end of your file, which works the same way as Hide would.

You could want to see everything except Claws

This is where you could type out the whole list as below

Option 1:This option here could take you quite a while to type out.

    Class "Daggers" "Wands" "One Hand Swords" "Thrusting One Hand Swords" "One Hand Axes" "One Hand Maces" "Bows" "Staves" "Two Hand Swords" "Two Hand Axes" "Two Hand Maces" "Sceptres" 

But you do have options to make it easier!

Option 2: This option here cuts down on clutter within your code

    Class Dagger Wand "One Hand" Bow Stave "Two Hand" Sceptre 

Further, as the client doesn't need to have the entire group of items in quotation marks, "One Hand Swords" "Thrusting One Hand Swords" "One Hand Axes" "One Hand Maces" Would all be condensed down to "One Hand" or even "One" The same goes for Two Handed items "Two" - You could even show both of these, by quoting "Hand"

    Class Dagger Wand "Hand" Bow Stave Sceptre

Option 3: You could take a much easier approach to hiding a single class of item.

    Class "Claws"

ItemLevel Code and Process[]

If you wanted to see rare items, rare items between ilvl60 and ilvl74 and then rare items with an itemlevel of 75+

# A Yellow border for Chaos recipe items
    ItemLevel >= 60
    ItemLevel <= 74
    Rarity Rare
    SetBorderColor 255 200 0
# A blue border for regal recipe items
    ItemLevel >= 75
    Rarity Rare
    SetBorderColor 30 144 255
    Rarity Rare

Even this code above has a line that is unnecessary. If you swap the first 2 blocks around, you can eliminate an entire line of code.

# A blue border for regal recipe items
    ItemLevel >= 75
    Rarity Rare
    SetBorderColor 30 144 255
# A Yellow border for Chaos recipe items
    ItemLevel >= 60
    ItemLevel <= 74 # this line is now obsolete;
    Rarity Rare
    SetBorderColor 255 200 0
# Show all other rare items
    Rarity Rare 

By doing this it does not need to check that it is ilvl74 or below for the Chaos recipe items, as it already knows from the previous block to show ilvl75+ items with a blue border. It then reads that for items with an item level of 60+ to put a yellow border around them.

Saving your Filter[]

Once you have compiled you filter you then need to save it

This example is named Highlight.filter


  • It needs to go into My Documents/My Games/Path of Exile folder
  • production_Config.ini must be in this folder
  • You must change the "Save as type" to All Files
  • When you name the file, you must type .filter after your file name.

Once you have saved your filter:

  • Open the Options Tab in game
  • Select your filter from the "List of Item Filters" at the bottom of the UI Page.


My filter is not working, what do I do?

Make sure your filter file is located in the same folder as your production_Config.ini file. If it is, then you need to make sure you've actually created a 'filter' file, and not a 'text' file with '.filter' in the name. To check this, right-click the filter and click Properties, if the file type is 'text', you did not change the file extension correctly. If you can not see your file extension, Show/Hide File Extensions in Windows

Do you have non-ASCII characters in your PC username?

Base Item name changes 19th May 2015

If you were to specify the following block It would show anything with Sai in the Items basetype, Such as Sai, Saint's Hauberk, Saintly Chainmail and Mosaic Kite Shield

    BaseType Sai

You only wanted to see Sai so you need to narrow it down by adding a Class

    Class Dagger
    BaseType Sai

This will now show Sai, but NOT Saint's Hauberk, Saintly Chainmail and Mosaic Kite Shield as it did before

Thanks to Antnee for the helpful Code Breakdown description!

Thanks to SayyadinaAtreides For the explanation on Using Quotation Marks for Classes.

I hope that helps!