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Solo Self-Found (SSF) is a feature that marks a character to be unable to interact with other characters, which disables features like trading or partying.[1]


Solo Self-Found can be selected by ticking a checkbox in the character selection screen. This is only available after rescuing the Scion in Act 3. An SSF character can only be created on initial character creation, but the SSF flag can be removed from a character at any time.

SSF characters will play in a separate league with their own ladder. Together with the flag this results in the following restrictions:

  • Parties can not be created
  • Trading is disabled
  • Only the SSF league stash can be accessed
  • Masters, Atlas of Worlds progression, and Trial of Ascendancy completion are only shared between SSF characters
  • Guild stash is disabled

If the character is no longer SSF, it will be transferred to the non-SSF parent league permanently and the highest level reached within the ladder will be retained, however any further progress will not be accounted for.

It is also possible to migrate all characters and league progress to the non-SSF parent league. Though all Shaper and Elder influences are not transferable when migrating all, including The Elder itself when present on the Atlas.


Since it is not possible to trade or interact with other players, it is of utmost importance that a SSF character (especially the first in a league) is able to clear all act bosses on its own and is able to survive without specific items.

On your first character:

  • Skill gems that increase their power through level ups (like spells and certain attacks) are generally a good idea.
  • Having the option to take resistance nodes on the tree can serve as a stop-gap until better gear resistance is acquired.
  • Life based characters are generally more easy to acquire gear for than energy shield based characters;
    • Characters gain life on every level up as well as through strength
    • Life or strength rolls on gear are common.
    • РеменьРеменьТребуется Уровень 8+(25-40) к максимуму здоровья or Кольцо с коралломКольцо с кораллом+(20-30) к максимуму здоровья can be used to supplement the HP pool.
    • "good" ES items generally require a combination of 2-3 ES affixes and a good base, thus making them hard to obtain.
  • Crafting is obtained quite early and is very useful for capping resistances early.
  • Essences can also help as stop-gap to obtain gear with guaranteed rolls.
  • Stash gear and skill gems that might be useful for other characters; in particular in hardcore this might be a good idea due to the loss of character upon death.
  • Consider creating additional characters for the purposes of buying skill gems if they're not available to your character class (see quest rewards)
  • If you feel unable to handle bosses, consider leveling up.
  • Avoid relying on specific drop-only unique items, as it may take a long time to acquire them through random drops.
  • Divination cards can be a way to obtain specific items (including some unique items) that would otherwise be hard to obtain.
  • Do not risk gambling with currency that may irreversibly change stats (Such as Vaal OrbsСфера ваалРазмер стопки: 10Оскверняет предмет, непредсказуемо изменяя егоЩелкните правой кнопкой мыши по этому объекту, а затем левой по предмету, чтобы осквернить его. Осквернённые предметы не могут быть модифицированы снова.
    Для разделения щелкните мышкой с зажатой клавишей Shift.
    ) on items that you cannot afford to lose.

On additional characters:

  • Make use of gear you find on your first character, as your SSF characters will all share stash space.
  • Your crafting bench progress is shared across characters, so it should be easier to gear up.
  • If you have currency (In particular essences) you can use it to try to craft items to fill gaps in your gear.


Solo self-found historically existed in an unofficial form based on honor. Characters intended to be SSF would usually have the letters "SSF" somewhere in the name, and unofficial player run ladder websites could be used to enter and track players.[2] Official SSF restrictions and ladders were added in version 2.6.0.

История изменений[]

Версия Изменения
  • Добавлено в игру.


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