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A tileset is a set of themed area graphics and obstacles. Each area uses a specific tileset, although lighting and environmental effects can change their appearance noticably.

Outdoor tilesets are naturally lit, whereas in indoor tilesets vision is reliant on your light radius and any light-producing decorations.

Mission areas lists the areas used in Master missions by tileset. See Hideout for a list of hideout tilesets.


Стиль Акт Основа Карта
Belly 4 The Belly of the Beast Level 1, The Belly of the Beast Level 2, The Harvest Phantasmagoria Map, Malformation Map, Core Map
Caverns 2 The Den, The Caverns Grotto Map, Underground Sea Map
Chamber 2 The Chamber of Sins Level 1, The Chamber of Sins Level 2 Overgrown Ruin Map, Overgrown Shrine Map
Crypt 2, 3 The Crypt Level 1, The Crypt Level 2, The Catacombs Crypt Map, Catacomb Map, Necropolis Map
Fetid Pool 1 The Fetid Pool Dried Lake Map, Mud Geyser Map, Bog Map
Library 3 The Library, The Archives Museum Map, Academy Map
Lunaris 3 The Lunaris Temple Level 1, The Lunaris Temple Level 2 Shrine Map
Mines 4 The Mines Level 1, The Mines Level 2, The Crystal Veins Excavation Map, Quarry Map
Prison 1, 3 The Lower Prison, The Upper Prison, The Crematorium Dungeon Map, Torture Chamber Map, Cells Map, Crematorium Map
Sceptre 3 The Sceptre of God, The Upper Sceptre of God Villa Map, Residence Map, Palace Map
Sewers 3 The Slums Sewers, The Warehouse Sewers, The Market Sewers Sewer Map, Waste Pool Map
Solaris 3 The Solaris Temple Level 1, The Solaris Temple Level 2 Temple Map
Spider Lair 2 The Weaver's Chambers, The Western Forest (one section) Spider Lair Map, Arachnid Nest Map
Submerged Passage 1 The Submerged Passage, The Flooded Depths, The Ship Graveyard Cave, The Cavern of Wrath, The Cavern of Anger Tunnel Map, Mine Map, Underground River Map
Vaal 2 The Vaal Ruins, The Caverns, The Ancient Pyramid Vaal Pyramid Map, Maze Map
Warehouse 3 The Warehouse District Arsenal Map


Стиль Акт Основа Карта
Aqueduct 4 The Aqueduct Channel Map, Waterways Map
Arena 4 Daresso's Dream, The Grand Arena Arena Map, Colosseum Map, Pit Map
Barracks 3 The Battlefront, The Ebony Barracks Promenade Map, Colonnade Map
Coast 1 The Twilight Strand, The Coast, The Tidal Island, The Mud Flats, The Ship Graveyard Dunes Map, Reef Map, Shore Map, Coves Map, Strand Map
Docks 3 The Docks Wharf Map, Pier Map, Shipyard Map
Dried Lake 4 The Dried Lake Wasteland Map
Fields 2 The Old Fields, The Crossroads, The Broken Bridge Dry Woods Map
Forest 2 The Southern Forest, The Riverways, The Western Forest, The Wetlands, The Northern Forest Tropical Island Map, Springs Map, Spider Forest Map, Jungle Valley Map, Dry Peninsula Map, Dark Forest Map
Garden 3 The Imperial Garden, The Hedge Maze Orchard Map, Labyrinth Map, Courtyard Map
Graveyard 2 The Fellshrine Ruins Cemetery Map, Graveyard Map
Mountain 1 The Ledge, The Climb, Prisoner's Gate Mountain Ledge Map, Plateau Map, Canyon Map, Gorge Map
Sarn 3 The City of Sarn, The Slums, The Marketplace Arcade Map, Ghetto Map, Bazaar Map, Precinct Map
Thicket 2 The Dread Thicket Thicket Map
Volcano 4 Kaom's Dream, Kaom's Path, Kaom's Stronghold Volcano Map, Abyss Map