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Таинственный архитектор
Таинственный архитектор quest icon.png
Обязательный Да
Начало Поговорите с Заной.
Задача Следуйте за Создателем в глубины Атласа.
Завершение Поговорите с Заной.

The Hidden Architect is a quest given to the player by Zana in the storyline's epilogue.


Players must explore Shaper-influenced maps. A random Tier 2 map will be Shaper-influenced, which must be completed to spawn a Shaper-influenced area of the next tier. For each Shaper-influenced map you complete, you can receive a Zana's map of the same tier of your choosing.

After completing the Tier 6 Shaper-influenced map, collect the Memory Fragment I and bring it to Zana.

The player is rewarded with Zana influence points with each quest progression. Once this quest is completed, Shaper and Elder-influenced areas will spawn in the Atlas, as well as 4 Shaper's Strongholds.

Quest rewards[]

Класс →ВедьмаБандитОхотницаДуэлянтДикарьЖрецДворянка
Задание ↓

Vendor rewards[]

Класс →ВедьмаБандитОхотницаДуэлянтДикарьЖрецДворянка
Задание ↓

Version history[]

Версия Изменения
  • Introduced to the game.