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"Shadow of the Vaal" перенаправляется сюда. Чтобы узнать о the map boss, см. Maze Map.
Shadow of the Vaal

Файл:Сумерки ваал Quest icon.png
Required: Yes
Start: Talk to Yeena
Objective: Kill the Vaal Oversoul
Boss: Vaal Oversoul
Key Items: ВерхушкаВерхушкаХотя его сила была разделена,
Верхушка может явить большее.
Completion: Enter The City of Sarn

The Dark Altar located on the highest floor of The Ancient Pyramid

Once you touch the Ancient Seal in Vaal Ruins, you will initiate this quest. However, until you complete Deal with the Bandits, you will not have the quest. Once you've done that, talk to Yeena in the Forest Encampment to receive this quest.

Quest Notification.png Find a way to lift the Darkness[]

You have unleashed a Darkness upon the land. Find a way to lift it. All the NPC's will have something to say about this.

Quest Notification.png Ascend the Ancient Pyramid[]

You have travelled through The Caverns and reached The Ancient Pyramid. Now you need to go to the highest floor of the Pyramid.

Quest Notification.png Activate the Dark Altar[]

You have arrived at the Pyramid Apex. In the middle is the Dark Altar. Activate it by using ВерхушкаВерхушкаХотя его сила была разделена,
Верхушка может явить большее.

Eramir: So this altar you've found... It's a small pyramid, missing its apex? Must be Vaal in origin... And there's only one artifact that I've ever laid eyes upon that could be the missing apex.

Alira, Kraityn and Oak... they stayed with us for a short time, while recovering from the ordeals of the Siren Coast. Thick as thieves they were, until they discovered something: a small pyramid crafted in Vaalish style. It had the power to enhance one's innate strengths. They fought over it, sundered the apex in trine... took a peace each, and fled.

If you're determined to unlock that altar, then I think your key lies with the Lords of Larceny.

Quest Notification.png Kill the Vaal Oversoul[]

The Vaal Oversoul has spawned. Defeat it.

Quest Notification.png The Pyramid's exit is now open[]

After you have killed the Vaal Oversoul, you can enter The City of Sarn and begin Act 3.

Eramir: Humanity has one redeeming trait. We learn from our mistakes. You certainly gave us a scare for a bit there, but the damage doesn't seem to have been lasting.

Thank you, for doing the right thing.