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noteworthy/odd upgrades
  • T3 Marshes → T3 Vaal Pyramid (same tier)
  • T8 Pier → T8 Atoll (same tier, not connected)
  • T9 Orchard → T9 Temple (same tier)
  • T12 Residence → T12 Plateau (same tier)
  • T15 Dark Forest → T15 Overgrown Ruin Map (same tier)
  • T8 Bog → T9 Crypt (not connected)
Тир Уровень Наименование Уникальные Tileset Atlas position Produced by Upgrades to Connected to Босс
1 68 Карта агоры
Marketplace bottom right Ghetto Map Herald of Ashes;
Herald of Thunder
1 68 Crystal Ore Map
Mines top left Factory Map Shrieker Eihal;
Breaker Toruul
1 68 Desert Map
Dried Lake top right Oasis Map Mirage of Bones
1 68 Jungle Valley Map
The Riverways bottom left Beach Map Queen of the Great Tangle
2 69 Beach Map
Tidal Island bottom left Jungle Valley Map Vaal Pyramid Map Marshes Map Glace
2 69 Factory Map
Warehouse top left Crystal Ore Map Channel Map Cavern Map Mother Phyia
2 69 Ghetto Map
The Slums bottom right Arcade Map Sewer Map The Reaver
2 69 Oasis Map
Warehouse top right Desert Map Arid Lake Map Grotto Map Planus
3 70 Arid Lake Map
Fetid Pool top right Oasis Map Dungeon Map Drought-Maddened Rhoa
3 70 Cavern Map
Cavern of Wrath left Waste Pool Map Factory Map,
Phantasmagoria Map
The Eroding One
3 70 Channel Map
The Aqueduct top left Factory Map Acid Lakes Map The Winged Death
3 70 Grotto Map
Caverns right Villa Map Oasis Map Void Anomaly
3 70 Marshes Map
left Vaal Pyramid Map (same tier) Beach Map Tore, Towering Ancient
3 70 Sewer Map
Sewers bottom right Ghetto Map Graveyard Map Arachnoxia
3 70 Vaal Pyramid Map
Ancient Pyramid left Beach Map,
Marshes Map (same tier)
Phantasmagoria Map The Fallen Queen;
The Hollow Lady;
The Broken Prince
3 70 Vaults of Atziri
Ancient Pyramid left Vaal Pyramid Map (none)
4 71 Academy Map
The Library bottom right Spider Lair Map The Arbiter of Knowledge
4 71 Acid Lakes Map
top left Channel Map Mesa Map Pit Map Mirage of Bones
4 71 Dungeon Map
Prison top right Arid Lake Map Dunes Map Penitentiary Incarcerator
4 71 Graveyard Map
Fellshrine Ruins bottom right Sewer Map Tower Map Litanius, the Black Prayer
4 71 Hallowed Ground
Fellshrine Ruins bottom right Graveyard Map Maker of Mires;
Balah Duke;
4 71 Phantasmagoria Map
Belly of the Beast left Vaal Pyramid Map Burial Chambers Map Cavern Map,
Phantasmagoria Map
4 71 Villa Map
The Sceptre of God right Grotto Map Peninsula Map Dunes Map,
Spider Lair Map,
Thicket Map
Excellis Aurafix
4 71 Waste Pool Map
Sewers left Cavern Map Mesa Map Primordial Pool Map Asphyxia
5 72 Burial Chambers Map
left Phantasmagoria Map Vaal City Map Canyon Map Witch of the Cauldron
5 72 Dunes Map
The Coast top right Dungeon Map Strand Map Villa Map The Blacksmith
5 72 Mesa Map
top left Acid Lakes Map,
Waste Pool Map
Quarry Map Racecourse Map,
Canyon Map
Oak the Mighty
5 72 Peninsula Map
The Southern Forest right Villa Map Wharf Map Thicket Map,
Ramparts Map
Titan of the Grove
5 72 Pit Map
Daresso's Dream top left Racecourse Map Acid Lakes Map Olof, Son of the Headsman
5 72 Primordial Pool Map
left Canyon Map Waste Pool Map,
Phantasmagoria Map
Nightmare's Omen
5 72 Spider Lair Map
The Weaver's Chambers right Academy Map Spider Forest Map Villa Map Thraxia
5 72 Tower Map
right Graveyard Map Spider Forest Map Carnage
6 73 Canyon Map
The Climb left Primordial Pool Map Catacombs Map Mesa Map,
Burial Chambers Map
Gnar, Eater of Carrion;
Stonebeak, Battle Fowl
6 73 Quarry Map
Mines top left Mesa Map Ashen Wood Map Cells Map Avatar of Undoing
6 73 Racecourse Map
top left Pit Map Cells Map Mesa Map Shredder of Gladiators;
Crusher of Gladiators;
Bringer of Blood
6 73 Ramparts Map
right Mud Geyser Map Peninsula Map,
Wharf Map
Legius Garhall
6 73 Spider Forest Map
The Blackwood right Tower Map,
Spider Lair Map
Armory Map Mud Geyser Map Enticer of Rot
6 73 Strand Map
Twilight Strand top right Dunes Map Castle Ruins Map Massier;
Master of the Blade
6 73 Whakawairua Tuahu
Twilight Strand top right Strand Map Tormented Temptress
6 73 Thicket Map
Dread Thicket right Mud Geyser Map Villa Map,
Peninsula Map
The Primal One
6 73 Vaal City Map
Travincal left Burial Chambers Map Catacombs Map Arachnid Tomb Map Lady Stormflay
6 73 Wharf Map
Docks top right Peninsula Map Castle Ruins Map Ramparts Map Stone of the Currents
7 74 Arachnid Tomb Map
bottom left Tropical Island Map Vaal City Map,
Shore Map
Hybrid Widow
7 74 Armory Map
bottom right Spider Forest Map Atoll Map Pier Map,
Arena Map
7 74 Ashen Wood Map
The Old Fields top left Quarry Map Arachnid Nest Map Lord of the Ashen Arrow
7 74 Карта развалин замка
The Old Fields top right Strand Map,
Wharf Map
Cemetery Map Bog Map Leif, the Swift-Handed
7 74 Catacombs Map
The Catacombs left Vaal City Map,
Canyon Map
Shore Map Xixic, High Necromancer
7 74 Olmec's Sanctum
The Catacombs left Catacombs Map Olmec, the All Stone
7 74 Cells Map
Crematorium top left Racecourse Map Arachnid Nest Map Quarry Map,
Barrows Map
7 74 Mud Geyser Map
Fetid Pool right Ramparts Map,
Thicket Map
Pier Map Spider Forest Map Tunneltrap
8 75 Arachnid Nest Map
The Weaver's Chambers top left Ashen Wood Map,
Cells Map
Overgrown Shrine Map Overgrown Shrine Map Spinner of False Hope
8 75 Arena Map
The Grand Arena bottom right Orchard Map Armory Map Avatar of the Forge;
Avatar of the Huntress;
Avatar of the Skies
8 75 Atoll Map
The Ledge right Armory Map,
Pier Map (same tier, not connected)
Temple Map Puruna, the Challenger
8 75 Maelström of Chaos
The Ledge right Atoll Map Merveil, the Reflection;
Merveil, the Returned
8 75 Barrows Map
top Promenade Map Cells Map,
Bog Map
Beast of the Pits
8 75 Bog Map
Fetid Pool top right Crypt Map (not connected) Barrows Map,
Cemetery Map,
Castle Ruins Map
8 75 Cemetery Map
Fellshrine Ruins top right Castle Ruins Map Crypt Map Bog Map Champion of Frost;
Steelpoint the Avenger
8 75 Pier Map
The Docks right Mud Geyser Map Atoll Map (same tier, not connected) Armory Map Ancient Architect
8 75 Shore Map
The Coast bottom left Catacombs Map Coves Map Arachnid Tomb Map Belcer, Pirate Lord
8 75 Tropical Island Map
The Southern Forest bottom left Arachnid Tomb Map Coves Map Reef Map Blood Progenitor;
Spirit of Aidan;
Spirit of Nadia
9 76 Coves Map
The Coves bottom left Shore Map,
Tropical Island Map
Quay Map Telvar, the Inebriated
9 76 Crypt Map
Crypt top Cemetery Map,
Bog Map (not connected)
Arsenal Map Museum Map Pagan Bishop of Agony
9 76 The Coward's Trial
Crypt top Crypt Map Infector of Dreams
9 76 Museum Map
Library top Courtyard Map Crypt Map,
Promenade Map
He of Many Pieces
9 76 The Putrid Cloister
top Museum Map Headmistress Braeta
9 76 Orchard Map
The Imperial Gardens bottom right Arena Map Temple Map (same tier) Vision of Justice
9 76 Overgrown Shrine Map
Chamber of Sins top left Arachnid Nest Map Terrace Map Arachnid Nest Map,
Terrace Map
The Wicked One
9 76 Acton's Nightmare
Chamber of Sins top left Overgrown Shrine Map Rose;
9 76 Promenade Map
The Ebony Barracks top Barrows Map Colonnade Map Museum Map Blackguard Avenger;
Blackguard Tempest
9 76 Hall of Grandmasters
The Ebony Barracks top Promenade Map (none)*
9 76 Reef Map
Tidal Island bottom left Underground River Map Tropical Island Map First Mate Crastus
9 76 Mao Kun
Tidal Island bottom left Reef Map Fairgraves, Never Dying
9 76 Temple Map
Solaris bottom right Atoll Map,
Orchard Map (same tier)
Malformation Map Riftwalker
9 76 Poorjoy's Asylum
Lunaris Temple bottom right Temple Map Mistress Hyseria
10 77 Arsenal Map
The Warehouse District top right Crypt Map Chateau Map Courtyard Map The Steel Soul
10 77 Colonnade Map
Battlefront top left Promenade Map Bazaar Map Terrace Map,
Courtyard Map
10 77 Courtyard Map
The Imperial Gardens top Museum Map Wasteland Map Colonnade Map,
Arsenal Map
Oriath's Vengeance;
Oriath's Vigil;
Oriath's Virtue
10 77 The Vinktar Square
Battlefront top Courtyard Map Guardian of the North;
Guardian of the East;
Guardian of the South;
Guardian of the West;
Avatar of Thunder
10 77 Malformation Map
The Belly of the Beast bottom right Temple Map Excavation Map Underground Sea Map Nightmare Manifest
10 77 Quay Map
bottom left Coves Map Precinct Map Torture Chamber Map,
Underground River Map
Unravelling Horror
10 77 Terrace Map
The Hedge Maze top left Overgrown Shrine Map Bazaar Map Overgrown Shrine Map,
Colonnade Map,
Bazaar Map
10 77 Underground River Map
Cavern of Wrath bottom left Reef Map Underground Sea Map Quay Map It That Fell
10 77 Caer Blaidd, Wolfpack's Den
The Den bottom left Underground River Map Solus, Pack Alpha;
Storm Eye;
11 78 Bazaar Map
Marketplace top left Terrace Map,
Colonnade Map
Shipyard Map Terrace Map Ancient Sculptor
11 78 Chateau Map
Labyrinth top right Arsenal Map Estuary Map Crematorium Map Hephaeus, The Hammer
11 78 The Perandus Manor
Labyrinth top right Chateau Map Platinia, Servant of Prospero;
Auriot, Prospero's Furnace Guardian;
Rhodion, Servant of Prospero;
Osmea, Servant of Prospero;
Pallias, Servant of Prospero;
Argient, Servant of Prospero;
Rheniot, Servant of Prospero
11 78 Excavation Map
The Mines bottom right Malformation Map Necropolis Map Champion of the Hollows;
Lord of the Hollows;
Messenger of the Hollows
11 78 Precinct Map
The Slums bottom left Quay Map Ivory Temple Map Plateau Map,
Torture Chamber Map
11 78 Torture Chamber Map
Prison bottom left Residence Map Quay Map,
Precinct Map
Shock and Horror
11 78 Oba's Cursed Trove
Mixed (Act 1, Act 2) bottom left Torture Chamber Map (none)
11 78 Underground Sea Map
The Den bottom Underground River Map Vault Map Malformation Map Merveil, the Reflection
11 78 Wasteland Map
The Dried Lake top right Courtyard Map Crematorium Map The Brittle Emperor
12 79 Crematorium Map
Prison top right Wasteland Map Sulphur Wastes Map Chateau Map Fire and Fury
12 79 Estuary Map
right Chateau Map Beacon Map Sulphur Wastes Map Sumter the Twisted
12 79 Ivory Temple Map
bottom left Precinct Map Plaza Map Scriptorium Map Platinia;
12 79 Necropolis Map
Church Dungeon bottom right Excavation Map Lair Map Gorge Map Burtok, Conjuror of Bones
12 79 Death and Taxes
Church Dungeon bottom right Necropolis Map Avatar of Ash;
Avatar of Winter;
Avatar of Silence;
Avatar of Apocalypse
12 79 Plateau Map
The Ledge bottom left Residence Map (same tier) Scriptorium Map Precinct Map Puruna, the Challenger;
Poporo, the Highest Spire
12 79 Residence Map
The Sceptre of God bottom left Torture Chamber Map Plateau Map (same tier) The High Templar
12 79 Shipyard Map
The Docks left Bazaar Map Waterways Map High Gardens Map Musky "Two-Eyes" Grenn;
Susara, Siren of Pondium;
Lussi "Rotmother" Roth
12 79 Vault Map
bottom Underground Sea Map Gorge Map Guardian of the Vault
13 80 Beacon Map
right Estuary Map Volcano Map Uruk Baleh;
El'Abin, Bloodeater;
Leli Goya, Daughter of Ash;
Bin'aia, Crimson Rain
13 80 Gorge Map
The Climb bottom Vault Map Shrine Map Necropolis Map Rek'tar, the Breaker
13 80 High Gardens Map
left Palace Map Shipyard Map Suncalled Asha
13 80 Lair Map
bottom right Necropolis Map Spider Forest Map Lycius, Midnight's Howl
13 80 Plaza Map
The Labyrinth bottom left Ivory Temple Map Maze Map The Goddess
13 80 Scriptorium Map
bottom left Plateau Map Maze Map Ivory Temple Map Gisale, Thought Thief
13 80 Sulphur Wastes Map
right Crematorium Map Volcano Map Estuary Map Torishi, Aurora-Sage;
Jeinei Yuushu;
Otesha, the Giantslayer
13 80 Waterways Map
The Aqueduct top left Shipyard Map Springs Map Palace Map Fragment of Winter
14 81 Maze Map
Ancient Pyramid bottom left Plaza Map,
Scriptorium Map
Colosseum Map Shadow of the Vaal
14 81 Mineral Pools Map
bottom right Lair Map Abyss Map Merveil, the Reflection;
Merveil, the Returned
14 81 Palace Map
The Upper Sceptre left High Gardens Map Dark Forest Map Waterways Map God's Chosen;
The Hallowed Husk
14 81 Shrine Map
Lunaris Temple bottom Gorge Map Terrace Map Piety the Empyrian
14 81 Springs Map
Forest top left Waterways Map Overgrown Ruin Map Aulen Greychain
14 81 Volcano Map
Kaom's Path right Beacon Map,
Sulphur Wastes Map
Core Map Forest of Flames
15 82 Abyss Map
Kaom's Stronghold bottom right Shrine Map,
Mineral Pools Map
Maze of the Minotaur Map The Infernal King
15 82 Colosseum Map
Daresso's Dream bottom left Maze Map Pit of the Chimera Map Ambrius, Legion Slayer
15 82 Core Map
The Harvest top right Volcano Map Forge of the Phoenix Map Prodigy of Pain;
Prodigy of Hexes;
Prodigy of Darkness;
Eater of Souls
15 82 Dark Forest Map
Western Forest left Palace Map Overgrown Ruin Map (same tier) The Cursed King
15 82 Overgrown Ruin Map
Chamber of Sins top left Springs Map,
Dark Forest Map (same tier)
Lair of the Hydra Map Rama, The Kinslayer;
Kalria, The Fallen;
Invari, The Bloodshaper;
Lokan, The Deceiver;
Marchak, The Betrayer;
Berrots, The Breaker;
Vessider, The Unrivaled;
Morgrants, The Deafening
16 83 Forge of the Phoenix Map
top right Core Map Guardian of the Phoenix
16 83 Lair of the Hydra Map
top left Overgrown Ruin Map Guardian of the Hydra
16 83 Maze of the Minotaur Map
bottom right Abyss Map Guardian of the Minortaur
16 83 Pit of the Chimera Map
bottom left Colosseum Map Guardian of the Chimera
16 83 Vaal Temple Map
Ancient Pyramid left K'aj A'alai;
K'aj Q'ura;
K'aj Y'ara'az