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Wrapper for {{Item link}} to add icons to text and enlarges the icon when hoovered over. No queries are made.


All of these are optional and can be used to customize the item link.

Parameter Value Description
item_name str Name of the item to search for. This will search for alias of the same item (i.e. legacy names) and is case insenitive

This can pose a problem if there are multiple items with the same name (such as Two Stone Rings) - in that case use page instead.

name str This parameter can be used to specify different link text than the item name. This should be used mainly for grammatical purposes. If the link text is significantly different than the item name, consider using a normal wikilink instead of this template.
link str Which pages to link to, by default the item page.
inventory_icon str The file to use as the inventory icon. Defaults to File:item_name inventory icon.png.