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This template creates an advanced list for skill gems.

Query Templates

There are also several query templates based on this template in order to reduce query duplication:


Main parameters

Parameter Value Description Required
default str If specified, the value of this will be returned of there are no results for the specified query.
large bool Whether to show large inventory icons

Default: No

no_html bool Don't show HTML infoboxes on hover.

Advisable to enable this on very large lists, as it makes the resulting table much smaller. In particular if the page hits the wiki limits for size.



It is possible to add any parameters of the cargo query (field names) by prefixing them with q_.

Specifying at least q_where and q_limit is highly recommended. q_limit is restricted to a maximum of 300.

Additional tables can be specified using q_tables.

Display control parameters

All these parameters are binary, so as long you specify something like icon=1 it will show up. If something is not available on the item you're fetching it will show up as "N/A"

Parameter Corresponding
icon skill_gems.support_gem_letter_html Support gem icon/letter shown when support gem is linked to an active skill
skill_icon skill.skill_icon Skill icon of an active skill (the icon in the skill bar, not the inventory icon)
stat_text skill.stat_text Stat text of the skill
quality_stat_text skill.quality_stat_text Quality stat text of the skill (stats per 1% quality)
description skill.description Description text of the skill
level items.required_level the level requirement of the item
str skill_gems.strength_percent the strength requirement of the item
int skill_gems.intelligence_percent the intelligence requirement of the item
dex skill_gems.dexterity_percent the dexterity requirement of the item
crit skill_levels.critical_strike_chance Critical strike chance
cast_time skill.cast_time Cast time in seconds
aspd, attack_speed, attack_speed_multiplier skill_levels.attack_speed_multiplier Attack speed multiplier of the gem
dmgeff skill_levels.damage_effectiveness Damage effectiveness in percent
mcm skill_levels.mana_multiplier mana cost multiplier in percent
mana skill_levels.mana_cost



Mana cost of the skill.

Will also show whether the skill reserves mana or uses a percentage rather then just flat mana costs.

vaal skill_levels.vaal_souls_requirement


The base number of vaal souls required and how many skill uses can be stored for a vaal skill
radius skill.radius






Radius information for primary/secondary/tertiary radius and description of what that radius applies to as hovertext