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The Modifier link template is used to show mod names and stat text in short and concise way. Mainly to be used in the main text.


The template will do the following:

  • Query modifier. If results are more than 1, it returns an error that suggests which mod id to use.
  • Format the result in a familiar way.

Consider using {{Modifier table}} instead if you want to create large tables.


All parameters should be filled in if possible to ensure it's working correctly.

Parameter Description Optional
id Modifier id or modid (mods.id). Defaults to first unnamed input, {{{1}}}.

Eventhough the modifier id is the required input it will search through the following cargo fields:

  1. mods.name
  2. mods.id
  3. mods.stat_text
  4. mods.stat_text_raw

This simplifies finding the correct modifier considerably, since the lua error will display the mods the query found and the correct modifier id in an easy copy/paste way.

statid Stat id. Required when querying for exact values instead of stat text.

Searches mod_stats.id that are on the same page as the modifier id.

display Display formats. Choose between:
  • abbr - Abbreviated stat text. (Default)
  • verbose - Show both modifier name and stat text.
  • stat_text - Show only stat text.
  • max - Maximum value for a stat. Requires statid to be defined.
  • min - Minimum value for a stat. Requires statid to be defined.


Code Result
{{Modifier link
(75-79)% увеличение физического урона
+(175-200) к меткости
{{Modifier link
{{Modifier link
Диктаторский - (75-79)% увеличение физического урона, +(175-200) к меткости (Префикс)
{{Modifier link
(75-79)% увеличение физического урона
+(175-200) к меткости


When this template returns errors the page will show up in following categories: