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The Passive skill template is used to submit passive data to the cargo data base. It should only be used from the Passive Skill: name space.


The template will do the following:

  • add cargo data to the page
  • create a basic infobox showing the data stored

PyPoE export

PyPoE can be used to export this data from the game to the wiki. pypoe_exporter wiki passive is responsible for handling the export.

Example for exporting by id: pypoe_exporter wiki passive id --wiki --wiki-user <username> --wiki-password <bot_password> <id_of_the_mod1> [id_of_the_mod2] [...] [id_of_the_mod3]



Parameter Type PyPoE
Required Field Description Default
id str (unique) Internal Id of the passive skill.


int_id integer (unique)
passive_skills.int_id Internal Id of the passive skill.


name str Name of the passive as shown in game.


main_page str
passive_skills.main_page Name of the main article for this passive skill in the wiki.

This is used for linking to articles; if left empty, the name will be used instead.


flavour_text str
passive_skills.flavour_text Flavour text of the passive skill


reminder_text str
passive_skills.reminder_text Reminder text for the stat description (hints in grey text explaining what the stats mean)


buff_id str
passive_skills.buff_id Id of the buff granted by the passive skill if any


skill_points int
passive_skills.skill_points How many skill points the passive grants upon allocation (used for certain scion ascendancy passives for example) 0
icon wikipage


ascendancy_class string
passive_skills.ascendancy_class Name of the ascendancy class which can allocate this passive. Should be empty for regular passives.


is_keystone boolean
passive_skills.is_keystone Whether this passive skill is a keystone false
is_notable boolean
passive_skills.is_notable Whether this passive skill is a notable false
is_multiple_choice_option boolean
passive_skills.is_multiple_choice_option Whether this passive skill is a multiple choice option (e.x. the 3 individual ascendancy class nodes for each character class in the ascendant tree are multiple choice options) false
is_multiple_choice boolean
passive_skills.is_multiple_choice Whether this passive skill is a multiple choice option (e.x. the passive node in the ascendant tree where you select from multiple classes is a multiple choice passive) false
is_icon_only boolean
passive_skills.is_icon_only Whether this passive skill is a just an icon (e.x. used for the icons in the middle of circles) false
is_jewel_socket boolean
passive_skills.is_jewel socket Whether this passive skill is a Jewel socket false
is_ascendancy_starting_node boolean
passive_skills.is_ascendancy_starting_node Whether this node is a starting location for an ascendancy class tree false
stat_text string
passive_skills.stat_text Complete stat description from the stats of this passive skill


Multiple arguments

Replace <N> with the number of the argument. Start numbers with 1, and don't leave gaps. The order matters and each parameter must be specified for an individual element of N.


All values here are exported by PyPoE. For each set of stats, all parameters are required.

Parameter Type Field Description
stat<N>_id str Internal id of the stat
stat<N>_value int passive_skill_stats.value Value of the stat

Cargo tables

Cargo table declarations:

Name Declaration
passive_skills {{Passive skill/cargo/passive_skills}}
passive_skill_stats {{Passive skill/cargo/passive_skill_stats}}