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Naming area pages

  • Use the name of the area as page name
  • If multiple areas have the same name:
    • if the area is part of the main story progression, append the act in parenthesis (e.x. Lioneye's Watch (Act 1))
    • if the area is a legacy map area, append the map version in parenthesis (e.x. Canyon Map (pre 2.0), Canyon Map (pre 2.4))

Finding the area id

Browse to it using Special:CargoTables or use a query similar to this:

tables = areas
|fields = areas._pageName,,, areas.main_page
|where = LIKE "%"


{{subst:Preload area article
|description=This is the best area.
|npcs=* [[Nessa]]
|quests=* {{Ql|Enemy at the Gate}}
|monsters=* [[Hillock]]
|lore=* Lore items etc

Generates a page like this: Template:Preload area article/doc/example