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Query based skill link. Use this to link skills from Template:Skill


Creates a link to a skill page.

Pages with broken skill links will be added to the maintenance category Category:Pages with broken skill links.


Page selection

Page search

One of these is required. Do not specify more than one.

Parameter Value Description
id str Id of the skill to link against
skill_name str Name of the skill to search for. This can pose a problem if there are multiple skills with the same name - in that case use id instead.

Output overrides

All of these are optional and can be used to customize the item link.

Parameter Value Description
name str This parameter can be used to specify different link text than the skill name. This should be used mainly for grammatical purposes. If the link text is significantly different than the skill name, consider using a normal wikilink instead of this template.
large boolean If set to true, instead of the small icon in front of the name, a large icon will be shown below the skill (suitable for tables).
icon str File to use for the inline icon link.
skip_query boolean Skip querying for the skill.


Basic Usage

{{Skill link|Ледяной шторм}}, {{Skill link|skill_name=Ледяной шторм}}, {{Skill link|id=IcestormUniqueStaff12}}, {{Skill link |skip_query=true |page=Skill:IcestormUniqueStaff12 |name=Ледяной шторм |icon=File:Icestorm skill icon.png}}


Ледяной шторм skill icon.pngЛедяной шторм, Ледяной шторм skill icon.pngЛедяной шторм, Ледяной шторм skill icon.pngЛедяной шторм, Icestorm skill icon.pngЛедяной шторм

{{Skill link
|Ледяной шторм
|Ледяные штормы


Ледяные штормыЛедяной шторм skill icon.png