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Этот шаблон определяет таблицу "versions". Просмотр таблицы.

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The version template is used to create a formatted succession box for version pages. It will also take care of setting some basic semantic variables; due to that it has been restricted to work only on regular version pages.


Parameter Description
before The previous version number
patch This version number
patchdate The release date of this version
after The next version number

Deprecated parameters

These parameters were removed from the template and can be safely deleted.

Parameter Description
beforedate The release date of the previous version
afterdate The release date of the next version

Version page template

| before                 =  
| patch                  = {{subst:#sub: {{subst:PAGENAME}} | 8 }}
| patchdate              = 
| after                  = 

==Patch notes==
These are the official patch notes for '''v{{subst:#sub: {{subst:PAGENAME}} | 1 }}''' released by Grinding Gear Games.<ref name="Patch Notes" />

{{blockquote top}}
{{blockquote bottom}}

<ref name = "Patch Notes">{{cite web
 |title = {{subst:#sub: {{subst:PAGENAME}} | 8 }} Patch Notes
 |url = 
 |author = 
 |date = 
 |accessdate = 
 |publisher = Official Path of Exile Website