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Path of Exile 2 will introduce a completely new campaign storyline, consisting of seven acts, and an overhaul of many of the game's core systems. The skill gem system will be drastically changed, removing gem sockets from equipment and moving them to active skill gems instead. Other additions include a major visual rework with physics-based rendering, and an unannounced rework of the passive skill tree, and 19 new Ascendancy classes.


20 years have gone since the death of Kitava. Society has been slowly rebuilding and with that ambitious men rise to fill the void and their thirst for power is once again corrupting Wraeclast.


Character selection screen

The character models have been reworked.

Ascendancy classes[]

Path of Exile 2 will add 19 additional ascendancy classes to the game. The new classes will initially be exclusive to the new storyline, but once unlocked they can be accessed in Path of Exile 1 as well.

The new ascendancy classes will not be available through the labyrinths, but through other means in the new campaign.

Skills granted by ascendancy classes will now scale based on the character's level rather than be at a specific level. [2]

Skill gems & sockets[]

Новая система камней показанная на ExileCon.

Path of Exile 2 представляет новое поколение системы знаковых навыков Path of Exile. Камни поддержки теперь добавляются непосредственно в Камни навыков, устраняя многие разочарования, присутствующие в старой системе, сохраняя при этом всю предыдущую глубину. Теперь возможно шесть гнезд на каждый навык, который использует ваш персонаж.

Sockets will be reworked; skill gems will receive a variable amount of sockets and can have up to 6 sockets like items did previously and items will get a fixed amount of primary sockets based on their item class rather then a randomized amount. Skill gems can be found with varying amount of sockets and the sockets can be rerolled with Сфера златокузнецаСфера златокузнецаРазмер стопки: 20Перековывает число гнёзд на предметеЩелкните правой кнопкой мыши по этому предмету и затем левой по предмету с гнёздами, чтобы использовать. Качество предмета повышает шанс получения дополнительных гнёзд.
Для разделения щелкните мышкой с зажатой клавишей Shift.
and Цветная сфераЦветная сфераРазмер стопки: 20Перековывает цвета гнёзд на предметеЩелкните правой кнопкой мыши по этому предмету и затем левой по предмету с гнёздами, чтобы использовать.
Для разделения щелкните мышкой с зажатой клавишей Shift.
; unlike previously, those sockets are always linked, so Сфера соединенияСфера соединенияРазмер стопки: 20Перековывает связи между гнёздами на предметеЩелкните правой кнопкой мыши по этому предмету и затем левой по предмету с гнёздами, чтобы использовать. Качество предмета повышает шанс получения дополнительных связей.
Для разделения щелкните мышкой с зажатой клавишей Shift.
will become obsolete and will be mitigated.

Similar to the current sockets, the amount of sockets possible on an skill gem will depend on the item level:[3]

Sockets Item Level
2 1
3 20
4 35
5 50

Players will also be given the option to sacrifice a skill gem and transfer its experience points and level onto an identical skill gem. This feature is useful if you find a skill gem of the same skill you have been using and have more sockets available.

Support gems can be socketed into active skill gems. In addition to account for single support gems supporting multiple active skill gems, meta-skill gems will also be introduced where the reverse is true: these are gems that go into the primary sockets and can have active skill gems socketed into them. For example, the Proficiency skill gem allows socketing auras into them as well as support gems. It will reduce the mana cost of any socketed gems and since it is a skill gem itself, it can also be cast to toggle all socketed auras at the same time. [4]

Items will have a fixed number of sockets based on their item class:

This means a total of 9 sockets for primary skill gems are available.

Primary sockets are still coloured based on the primary attribute associated with the item. This means strength bases have red sockets, intelligence bases have blue sockets and dexterity bases have green sockets. Hybrid items have hybrid primary sockets accordingly, so for example a strength/dexterity hybrid will have a red/green hybrid socket. In late game (maps) there will be a currency item available to change the colour of primary sockets.

Hybrid socket on the strength/dexterity hybrid skull cap (as seen on exilecon)

Certain items like items (for example Табула расаТабула раса
Матерчатая безрукавка
Скорость передвижения: -3%Item has no level requirement and Energy Shield (скрытый)
Item has 6 White Sockets and is fully linked (скрытый)
) may add additional primary sockets.

Updated tabula rasa with 3 white sockets instead of the default 2 (as seen on exilecon)

Items that add skills will add a skill to the skill screen where the skill can be socketed separately. The number of sockets on these skills can be rerolled.

Abyss sockets will remain unaffected by those changes and remain on the gear. [5]