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(Removed Perfect Aim - was changed to +15% Projectile Damage, +10 Dex. No longer directly affects Projectile Accuracy)
(Removed Water Dancing - was changed to +8% Physical Damage with One Handed weapons, +20 Dex. No longer directly affects accuracy.)
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**Headsman ([[Axes]])
**Headsman ([[Axes]])
**Slice and Dice ([[Axes]])
**Slice and Dice ([[Axes]])
**Water Dancing ([[One-Handed]])
*+20 Dex With Increased Accuracy
*+20 Dex With Increased Accuracy

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Dexterity affects and increases Accuracy. Every +10 Dexterity node adds +20 accuracy.

Accuracy is compared to enemy evasion when determining if an attack hits or misses. The complete formula is below:

chance to hit = attacker_accuracy / ( attacker_accuracy + ((defender_evasion/4)^0.8))

Chance to hit can never be lower than 5%, nor higher than 95%.

Accuracy does not affect spells as they always hit.


Every +10 Dexterity node adds +20 Accuracy.

The Resolute Technique keystone removes the need for Accuracy ("Always Hits").

Basic Passives affecting Accuracy are:

Current Notable Passives affecting Accuracy are:

  • +20 Dex With Increased Accuracy
    • Deadeye
    • Precision
    • Versatility (+20 Int)