Alva, Master Explorer

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Alva Valai
Master Explorer
Alva Valai Master Explorer
Areas: The Bridge Encampment, Oriath
Functions: Offers incursion missions, vendor

Alva Valai is a master. She gives the player access to incursions, followed by the Temple of Atzoatl once enough incursions are completed. Players can encounter Alva from act 7 onwards.


Alva can spawn in three different locations in a zone where she can be found. Speak to her and complete the incursion in each location.


To level up Alva, explore rooms in the Temple of Atzoatl:

  • Explore 15 rooms for level 2.
  • Explore 30 rooms for level 3.
  • Explore 40 rooms for level 4.
  • Explore 50 rooms for level 5.
  • Explore 60 rooms for level 6.
  • Explore 70 rooms for level 7.

"Exploring" a room only requires you to walk inside a room (i.e. you can walk through the door and then leave if it isn't a reward room). Each room only counts once regardless of getting it again in another Temple. A T3 room counts as a T1 and and T2 as well, so a T3 room counts are exploring 3 rooms rather than 1.[1]

ItemMaster levelFavour
Ancient Books128014
Archaeologist's Peg18604
Body Armour Stand123004
Helmet Stand123004
Slave Pens Stool12806
Vaal Furniture186024
Weathered Pot18606
Ancient Rubble27206
Ancient Vessel27206
Broken Floor272018
Crypt Rubble272018
Driftwood Log272015
Excavated Brick27204
Exposed Ruins221604
Flagstone Ground23303
Forest Encampment Ground23306
Slave Pens Barrel2216012
Slave Pens Chair27202
Slave Pens Drawing Table221605
Sleeping Lion Statue257603
Vaal Debris272012
Vaal Fire Pit221609
Vaal Pylon27209
Boat Remains317406
Bow Rack352003
Crypt Fire Pit3138008
Foothills Debris317404
Foothills Grass317407
Full Armour Stand352005
Large Crypt Rubble3174010
Mosaic Wall3138006
Ruined Long Table317402
Ruined Mat3174011
Ruined Ornate Chair317404
Ruined Standing Lamp317405
Slave Pens Bed352006
Slave Pens Bench317403
Slave Pens Bunk Bed352007
Slave Pens Table3520010
Stone Well352001
Temple Basin352005
Vaal Curtain3174016
Vaal Figurine3138007
Vaal Rug31380012
Wooden Board317408
Church Pillar432204
Cloth Post432201
Crypt Tomb4322015
Decrepit Fence432209
Dried Well4253002
Garden Column4253002
Hungry Exile432207
Large Boat Remains495305
Old Giblets4953038
Ossuary Plaque4322010
Rubble Strip432205
Ruined Chair4322014
Ruined Divider432206
Ruined Sofa Bed432204
Ruined Table432208
Ruined Torture Table432201
Sitting Lion Statue4253003
Skull Pile4322034
Slave Cage4953017
Slave Pens Crate4322016
Stone Pillar4322012
Swamp Tree Stump432204
Sword In Ground4322022
Tired Exile432207
Vaal Bookshelf4253005
Vaal Large Altar42530012
Vaal Marker432203
Vaal Reading Table4253003
Vaal Sarcophagus495305
Vaal Tablets495308
Wagon Wheel432201
Weathered Grave432209
Webbed Tree4953010
Blackguard Barricade575006
Bloody Corpse5750014
Boat Wreckage575009
Body Bag52250012
Catacomb Pillar5225006
Cavia Porcellus52250014
Crypt Pillar5225005
Crypt Table575004
Decayed Statue5225004
Decorated Tree5225006
Dig Machinery5225003
Disembodied Corpse5750024
Driftwood Archway5225001
Emaciated Corpse5750014
Fresh Giblets5750033
Frightened Exile575001
Head Platter575001
Large Pillar5225004
Large Rocks5750012
Ossuary Brazier52250012
Ossuary Grave52250010
Ossuary Grave Marker56000021
Ossuary Pillar5600004
Pooling Blood52250015
Round Weapon Rack5600001
Ruined Book Shelf575006
Ruined Pillar575003
Ruined Sofa575004
Ruined Stool575006
Sarn Palm5225008
Seed of Corruption5600001
Slave Pens Dining Table5225008
Slave Pens Wagon575002
Stone Archway5600002
Swamp Tree5225004
Vaal Block5750010
Vaal Notes5225005
Vaal Pillar5600009
Vaal Scattered Papers52250016
Vaal Statue5600003
Wall of Spikes52250022
Absorbed Flesh63800010
Arakaali Egg63800014
Belly Ground Spikes63800018
Bone Sculpture63800010
Bulbous Flesh63800044
Church Wall6380005
Church Wall Gate61020001
Colossus Hand62440003
Colossus Head62440003
Colossus Leg62440002
Colossus Sword62440005
Covered Corpses6127002
Emaciated Corpse Pile6380004
Flesh Glob63800024
Glowing Embers6127002
Golden Lion Statue62440004
Impaled Monster610200022
Large Fortification6380003
Ruined Banner61270014
Ruined Column6127007
Ruined Columns61020001
Ruined Large Sofa Bed6127001
Ryslatha Tree610200014
Severed Heads6127006
Slave Pens Rug6127002
Standing Lion Statue61020003
Stygian Tick6380009
Thick Trees6380009
Tumorous Cluster6380004
Vaal Altar6380009
Vaal Mechanism610200011
Vaal Mummy610200012
Vaal Round Altar6380004
Vaal Square Altar6380005
Vaal Weapon Rack610200014
Vaal Weathered Pillar63800017
Vestigial Organs63800016
Weapon Rack6127002
Beast Egg stalk7570001
Beast Eyestalk7570009
Blood Fog (Red)7570001
Blood Fog (Yellow)7570001
Bloody Corpse Pile7570004
Bone Display7570006
Catapult Ammo7570003
Cavia Porcellus Pile71500004
Corrupted Specks7570001
Decorated Trees7570004
Fellshrine Ruins7358909
Glandular Anemone71500001
Gruthkul Shrine7358901
Highgate Weapon Rack71500003
Large Aqueduct Boat71500005
Large Church Wall Arch7570001
Lighthouse Remains71500001
Mast Arch7570001
Ramshackle Hut7570001
Ruined Arch7570001
Ruined Experiment Table7570004
Sarn Archway71500001
Tree Hut71500001
Vaal Armour Rack75700016
Vaal Atlas Chart71500003
Vaal Treasure Trove71500004
Vascular Growth75700014
Winged Statue7570002



Thank the gods! You're no saint, I can see that. Though who am I to question what form divine providence comes in?

I am the great Alva Valai! Reliquarian extraordinaire, seeker of mysteries, explorer of the unknown, lover of all things that glitter - and I need your help.

The lost Temple of Atzoatl; Halls lined with finery, boxes stuffed with glimmering riches and relics touched by insurmountable power! For eons lost to history... until now.

Alva's Past

When I was young, my father gave me my first call to adventure by enlisting me in the employ of Dominus' navy. I used to love the sea. The way it smelled. The freshness of the air... but, some 'stuff' happened and I returned to Theopolis, intent on living a ladies life. Ha, it was not to be, obviously.

My lust for excitement brought me to the Reliquarians - a secret society of treasure hunters, funded by those cold and greedy societal uppercrusts. I had my father pull some strings and before I knew it, I was amongst it all, raiding temples and tombs across the land. But, well... you're an exile, you know how the Templars are. Untrustworthy is one way to describe them. When I came across a manual of Vaal blood thaumaturgy, I knew I couldn't let it fall into their hands. And it never did.

Though that damned High Templar knew I was keeping something secret... And so, no longer welcome amongst the nobility, here I am. Luckily there's a fortune to be made here and a few of my old clients still remain loyal to me when it comes to spending what they have inside their purses.


The lost Temple of Atzoatl is said to be the most famed in all Vaal history and myth. Best I can tell, the Temple began its construction in the final years of the Vaal Empire. The exact date of its completion has been hard to ascertain as it occurred shortly before the events which brought about the civilisation's extinction.

Perhaps it is the fragility of the timeline that has made Atzoatl such a staple of Vaal mythology. Some say it was a place of darkness, home to the most vile of sacrifices. But there are others who claim the temple to be the birthplace of technology - even our own is said to pale in comparison to what was being forged within those walls.

Scholars today have even suggested that it was the treasure house for Queen Atziri herself. Whichever is true, it was bound to have been fiercely protected by fanatics and royalty alike. And if something's worth protecting, well, then it's worth bloody taking!


Well, most of my market no longer exists... but, I'm an adaptable type, and there are plenty of pirates, thieves, tyrants and nutters who will pay good coin for my finds.

I may just have to do a little extra legwork to find 'em.


Einhar would have fit into Atziri's empire quite nicely. The man's no stranger to ritual sacrifice, though thankfully he limits his bloodletting to beasts. He doesn't seem to have much of an interest in opulence, which is great news for me. As long as Einhar sticks to what he's best as, we'll get along fine.


Niko's a bit of an... oddball... yes, but if you can put up with his quirks, he's not without his uses. The mine he so passionately guards is simply filled to the brim with glittering goodies. I've been trying to cozy up to him in the hopes that when he hits the motherlode, I'll be right there next to him.


I've never met anyone as protective of their creations as Zana. It's not like her astrolabe thing can send us back in time... wait, can it? What does that thing do, anyway? I've seen the places it takes her. Some of them are truly horrifying! They make the Vaal look tame as kittens. Not Zana though... She's a lion with a kitten's face.


I'm trying to stay on Jun's good side. She's not aggressive or anything -- not to me anyway -- but I've seen her polishing daggers, staring off into the distance. That's a look I recognise from my days around some less-than-reputable treasure-hunters. A killer's look. She's out for someone's blood.


I've not spoken to Navali about it yet, but I have to wonder how our little forays into the past affect her visions of the future. I also wonder why she isn't using that little power of hers to make us all unbelievably wealthy. Imagine all the Grand Arena matches we could bet on! I'd much rather watch some disemboweling than do the disemboweling myself, if it's all the same to her. I guess, when you really think about it, all that Vaal blood is on her conscience!

Order of the Djinn

So Jun's people snuck about history stashing powerful artifacts, did they? Do you happen to know if any such artifacts were stashed in the Temple of Atzoatl at any point... no? Fine. Just a thought.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Fixed a bug where leaving a map where Alva was present for an extended period of time could prevent you from doing any remaining Incursions when you returned.
  • Fixed a bug where dying in a map where Alva was present could under certain circumstances prevent you from doing any remaining Incursions when you returned.
  • Alva Valai is now a master. You can first meet her in Act 7. She will send you on incursions into the Temple of Atzoatl during its construction in order to help her find its location in the present day.