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The Upper Sceptre of God
No Waypoint
Area level33
BossesCompulsor Octavia Sparkfist
Draconarius Wilhelm Flamebrand
Imperator Stantinus Bitterblade
Paradisae Venenum
Dominus, High Templar
Area type tagsscepter
Tagsindoors_area, act_boss_area, no_tempests, no_echo, delve_chest, delve_chest, einharchimeral, sceptre_of_god_area, tower_area
ConnectionsThe Sceptre of God
The Aqueduct
Vaal Side AreasSealed Corridors
The pinnacle of power. The height of hubris.
Act3 loading screen.png
The Upper Sceptre of God area screenshot.jpg
Spawn Weights
#TagHas spawn weight

1_3_18_2 is the internal id for the The Upper Sceptre of God area. It is connected to the following areas: