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Azurite Mine Encampment
No Waypoint
Area level5
Area type tagscavern
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Azurite Mine Encampment area screenshot.png

Azurite Mine Encampment is the starting area of the Azurite Mine for the character to Delve.


The default instance of the Mine Encampment via waypoint UI, is connected to the first few depth of the mine.

However, when the player try to go to other node via the Subterranean Chart , the game will create new instance and associated Mine Encampment, which the new Mine Encampment would not have the entry to the first node of the mine. Continuous delving in the same gird created in that instance, would shared the same Mine Encampment. However, sometimes the route to the next node of that instance may be too long so that the game request the server to create a new instance instead. Or the new node that the player want to travel is not connected to the standing node, would also cause the server to create a new instance. Thus, player should not drop valuable item on the ground of Azurite Mine Encampment as the item may be lost. Player cannot re-enter the previous Azurite Mine Encampment instance.


The stock of Niko refreash after the player character completed a node. By random, Niko will sell Fossil including more rare one, as well as Resonator.


  • Stash
  • Guild Stash (not available in SSF game mode)
  • Voltaxic Generator (place to purchase Delve upgrades)
  • Altar of Ascendancy (Endless Delve game mode only)


See also

  • Heart CoilHeart Coil"There are very few devices in this world that can act as a heart for a
    machine. This one is an ancient remnant of the work of Vaal engineers."
    Can be exchanged with Faustus, the Fence in The Rogue Harbour

Version history

Version Changes
  • You can now invite Niko to your Hideout from the 'Mine Encampment.
  • Entering the Azurite Mine from the Mine Encampment now creates a portal that party members can use.
  • You can now return to a party member's Azurite Mine from the Mine Encampment by using the Subterranean Chart.
  • Fixed a bug where Devourers could follow players into the Mine Encampment.
  • Introduced to the game.