Beacon of Ruin

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Beacon of Ruin
Ascendancy Notable Passive Skill
MaliciousInspiration (Elementalist) passive skill icon.png
Chills from your Hits always reduce Action Speed by at least 10%
Shocks from your Hits always increase Damage taken by at least 15%
20% more Damage with Ignite
30% increased Effect of Non-Damaging Ailments [1]

Beacon of Ruin was a notable Ascendancy passive skill for the Elementalist that granted more ignite damage, increased effect to non-damaging ailments, and granted chill and shock a minimum slow and increased damage taken effect percentage, respectively. It was removed in Version 3.13.0, and the majority of its effects, along with those of Shaper of Desolation (which was removed at the same time), were rolled into the three new element-specific passives Shaper of Flames, Shaper of Winter, and Shaper of Storms

Mechanics and Interactions

Beacon of Ruin overrode the minimum threshold of 1% effect that normally applies to chill and shock.[1][2] In other words, 1 point of cold damage from any hit would apply chill,[3] and 1 point of lightning damage from a critical strike would apply shock. This also applied to damage types that are enabled by unique items, where 1 point of physical damage would apply chill when Soul Taker was equipped.[4]

The Shocks from your Hits always increases Damage taken by at least 15% mod was increased by X% increased Effect of Shock, up to a cap of 50% increased damage taken. For example, with 20% increased Effect of non-Damaging Ailments on Enemies, the minimum shock would then be 18% increased damage taken.[5] An increased shock effect value of 234% was needed to reach the shock cap of 50% increased damage taken. This also applies to the mod Chills from your Hits always Slow by at least 10%, increased to the maximum of 30% slow at 200% increased chill effect.

With no other sources of increased ailment effect, Beacon of Ruin would chill enemies at a 13% slow and causes shocked enemies to take 19.5% increased damage at minimum.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Removed from the game.
  • Now also grants 30% increased effect of non-damaging Ailments on enemies.
  • No longer causes elemental ailments from your skills to spread to other nearby enemies. Shocks from your hits now always increase damage taken by 15% (from 20%).
  • Added Chills from your Hits always Slow by at least 10% and Shocks from your Hits always increase Damage taken by at least 20%
  • Skill now grants 20% increased Effect of Non-Damaging Ailments.
  • Increased Radius from 9 to 12
  • Added to the game.