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Blighted maps are versions of existing maps but without any native monsters. Instead, these maps have a difficult Blight encounter.

The map always have alternative map icon, as well as the implicit Natural inhabitants of this area have been removed
Area is infested with Fungal Growths

Regular Blight encounters in map have a chance to drop a Blighted version of a map. Blighted maps only contain a small area with no enemies and a single Fungal Growth that spawns dozens of roots. The player must defend the pump for 5 minutes, then defeat all remaining enemies. Players get extended prep time and pump durability increased to 20.

These maps can also be annointed, adding a variety of unique modifiers, including extra experience and significant boosts to rewards.

If you fail the blight encounter, it will not count as a map completion.

Blighted map cannot be used with map fragments. The map fragments will not be consumed so there will be no additional change in map quantity.


Blighted maps have a large amount of enemies and a large amount of resources for tower building. The same strategies that work on smaller Blights in maps will be useful, but more tower building and killing will be involved.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Each Blight encounter will award at least one Oil or Blighted Map.
  • Introduced to the game.