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Calamitous Visions
Small Cluster Jewel
Adds Lone Messenger"Try as I might, I could not escape it.
When I closed my eyes, I saw only death.
Each breath tainted with the scent of seared and smouldering flesh,
And each sound tangled with pleas for mercy."
Place into an allocated Jewel Socket on the Passive Skill Tree. Right click to remove from the Socket.
Calamitous Visions inventory icon.png
Drops from Delirium encounters.
Vendor Prices
Unique8x Chaos Orb
Vendor Offer
6x Alchemy Shard
Item class: Jewel

Calamitous Visions is a unique Small Cluster JewelSmall Cluster JewelPlace into an allocated Small, Medium or Large Jewel Socket on the Passive Skill Tree. Added passives do not interact with jewel radiuses. Right click to remove from the Socket..


The jewel generate a new cluster in player character's skill tree and one of the node is Lone Messenger.

Item acquisition

Drops from Delirium encounters.

Keystone Effect

Lone Messenger
LoneMessenger passive skill icon.png
You can only have one Herald
50% more Effect of Herald Buffs on you
100% more Damage with Hits from Herald Skills
50% more Damage Over Time with Herald Skills
Minions from Herald Skills deal 25% more Damage
Your Aura Skills are Disabled [1]

Version history

Version Changes

The Delirium Challenge League

  • Among the spoils you may find Cluster Jewels.

Major New Content and Features

  • Added 16 new Unique Items, including one designed by one of our Supporters!