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Champion of the Cause
Notable Passive Skill
Champion passive skill icon.png
6% increased effect of Non-Curse Auras from your Skills
4% reduced Reservation of Skills
12% increased Area of Effect of Aura Skills [1]

Champion of the Cause is a notable passive skill that grants increased area of effect and effect magnitude for auras cast by the character. It also grants reduced mana reservation for skills. It is located in the duelist section of the skill tree next to two handed cluster

Version history

Version Changes
  • Due to reservation rework, the notable simply mentions reservation , instead of mana reservation
  • Champion of the Cause now grants 12% increased Aura area of effect (from 20%).
  • Champion of the Cause now grants 20% increased aura area of effect.
  • A new Aura notable called Champion of the Cause has been added.