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The Character Screen is the part of the interface which shows detailed stats on your character. By default it is opened with the "c" key.

The top of the screen shows the following information:

The bottom part of the screen has a horizontal scrollbar to select from your available skills, and 4 tabs to choose what information to display.


This section shows the damage and other modifiers on the currently selected skill, including attack modifiers relating to stun, leech.

All skills which do damage will list either their "Damage per Second" or their "Damage per Use", with slightly more accuracy than the tool-tip calculation of the same amount. Some modifiers appear on all skills regardless of their capability to do damage: For example "Life Gained on Kill" will appear on curses even though a curse cannot kill.


This section shows all defensive stats, including:

  • Armour, Evasion and Energy Shield
  • Life, Mana and Energy shield regeneration rates
  • Resistances
  • Block chance
  • Block and Stun recovery modifiers
  • Movement Speed


The misc section includes flask modifiers and item rarity/quantity modifiers


The charges section shows current/max charges and the effects of each charge.