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The Chat Console

The Chat Console is used to communicate with other players and execute certain commands.

To access the chat console, click the chat icon (Chatconsolebutton.png) or press the chat key (mapped to ↵ Enter by default).


To chat with other players, open the chat console and type a message, then press ↵ Enter to send it.

Players can change which chat domain they send messages to at any time by selecting from the drop down menu in the chat console or by appending a message with the appropriate tag character. Additionally there are some chat domains that can be quickly selected by pressing the correct key combination.

Domain Tag Shortcut Purpose
Local N/A <chat key> Chat with nearby players within a town hub or zone instance.
Global # ⇧ Shift+<chat key> Communicate with a multitude of players within the same league.
Party % Ctrl+⇧ Shift+<chat key> Chat with all party members.
Whisper @<character> Ctrl+<chat key> Chat with a specific character only. The keyboard shortcut can be used to reply to the last whisper received.
Trade $ Communicate with players for the purpose of trading items.
Guild & Communicate within your guild.
Twitch ^ Communicate with the chat. Only works when streaming through the Path of Exile client. (This feature is removed)

To avoid having the chat console fill up with unwanted messages, players can leave global and trade chat by un-ticking the Join Global Chat and Join Trade Chat checkboxes respectively.

Within each league, the global and trade chat domains are made up of separate channels. When joining global or trade chat, players are automatically assigned to a channel. Players can change to a different channel at any time by using the /global <number> and /trade <number> commands. For example, entering /global 3 would allow the player to join global chat channel 3.

Popular channels

Global 820

/global 820 is a channel for sharing common or uncommon quests that you might encounter in your travels through Wraeclast.

The channel started when Forsaken Masters released, the masters could spawn randomly in areas and to effectively level them it was necessary to share masters with each other. With time it has grown to include challenges, Trial of Ascendancy and other quests that are better to do in large groups.

Users in that channel may use various acronyms to succinctly explain what they're offering. To keep spam to a minimum it is best to avoid repeating what you're looking for frequently.

This is, by far, the most popular global channel.

Other special chat channels

Type Number Purpose
Global 820 Masters/Trials/Challenges Group Recruitment
Trade 820 Paid services (rare challenges, expensive maps, etc.)
Global 100 Discord Global
Global 101 Guild Recruitment
Global 150 Mapping
Trade 800 Currency-Only Trading
Trade 5055 Reddit Trade (Valuable/odd items & brodeals)
Global 5055 Reddit Global


Various functions can be executed by entering commands in the chat console. The syntax of a command is a forward slash (/) followed by a string. Commands that require additional parameters are appended after the command string followed by a space.

Command Category Function
/help Displays a list of most console commands.
/bug <description>
/debug <description>
Reports a bug and gives you the report reference number. Additional information can be provided with <description>.
/ladder Displays the top ten characters on the current ladder.
/played Character Displays the length of time the current character has been played.
/age Character Displays how long ago the current character was created.
/passives Character Displays a summary of all passive skill points and the Deal with the Bandits reward the character has gained.
/deaths Character Displays how many deaths the current character has incurred.
/remaining Displays how many monsters remain alive in the current area.
/destroy Destroys the item on cursor. Use with caution!
/recoveroldcraftingbenchitem Recovers an item placed in now inaccessible Masters and Harvest crafting bench.
/itemlevel Displays the level of the item on cursor.
/pvp Displays Win/Loss/Disconnect statistics for 1v1 and 3v3 PvP.
/fixmyhelmet Updates an existing non-unique helmet to new art.
/oos Forces resync.
/dance Perform a dance.
/status <text> Social Change your status. Status is displayed to all friends as an alert when changed, and is shown to friends in the social window.
/invite <character> Social Sends a party invite to <character>.
/kick <character> Social Kicks <character> from the party.
/party_description <description> Social Changes the description of the party to <description>.
/tradewith <character> Social Initiates a trade with <character>. Characters must be in the same town hub instance to trade.
/friend <character> Social Adds <character> to the friends list.
/unfriend <character> Social Removes <character> from the friends list.
/accept <character> Social Accepts friend request.
/ignore <character>
/squelch <character>
Chat Adds a player account specified by character name to the ignore list. No messages will be received from ignored players.
/unignore <character>
/unsquelch <character>
Chat Removes a player account specified by character name from the ignore list.
/clear_ignore_list Chat Removes all player accounts from the ignore list.
/whois <character> Displays a character's level, class, league, and whether he is online.
/afk <message> Chat Turns AFK mode on, replying with <message> when someone whispers you. A default message will be used if one isn't specified.
/afkoff Chat Turns off AFK mode
/dnd <message>
/donotdisturb <message>
Chat Toggles Do Not Disturb mode for chat. When on, no messages including whispers will be received. A custom autoreply message will be used if a <message> is added.
/global <number> Chat Joins global chat channel <number>.
/trade <number> Chat Joins trade chat channel <number>.
Chat Clears the chat console of text.
/hideout Quick travel Sends you to your hideout. Only useable while in town.
/hideout <character> Quick travel Sends you to character's hideout. Only useable while in town.
/menagerie Quick travel Sends you to your Menagerie. Only useable while in town.
/exit Exits the game to the Character selection screen.
/reset_xp Resets the experience-per-hour estimation tool.
/recheck_achievements Forces a recheck of certain achievements.
/autoreply <message> Chat Replying with <message> when someone whispers you.
/delve Quick travel Sends you to your Azurite Mine. Only useable while in town.
/metamorph Quick travel Sends you to Tane's Laboratory. Only useable while in town.
Chat Chat suppression.
/save_hideout Saves the current Hideout layout to a file that can be later loaded or shared.
/spectate <character> Spectate a character. Character must be mutual friend or guildmate.

Obsolete / Removed Commands

These commands were present in the game previously, but have been removed, or no longer function.

Command Removed In Function
/claim_crafting_benches 2.6.3 Adds all your available crafting benches to your hideout stash.
/synthesis 3.7.0 Sends you to your Memory Nexus. Only useable while in town.
/harvest 3.11.2b Sends you to your Sacred Grove. Only useable while in town.
/abandon_daily 3.8.0 Abandons your ongoing daily master missions.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Fixed a bug where you could access the Sacred Grove in non-Harvest leagues.
  • You can now provide additional context when using the /bug command by typing /bug followed by any additional information. For example, /bug An item dropped in an inaccessible location.
  • You can now recover items that were placed in old crafting benches by typing /recoveroldcraftingbenchitem while in a town or hideout. If there are recoverable items, it will place one of them on your cursor.
  • Unlisted: Added the /menagerie command.
  • Fixed a bug where disabling chat timestamps would cause previous chat window text to turn white.
  • Fixed a bug where unique items linked in chat would lose the italics on their flavour text if you closed and then reopened the chat window.
  • The appearance of in-game whisper messages has been changed to better indicate the sender and receiver.
  • An option for chat message time stamps has been added.
  • Players can no longer talk while in Do Not Disturb mode.
  • System messages are no longer blocked while in Do Not Disturb mode.
  • Fixed issues with the /passives command showing incorrect values for Ascendants.