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The chat console is used to communicate with other players and execute certain commands.

To access the chat console, click the chat icon (Chatconsolebutton.png) or press the chat key (mapped to Enter by default).


To chat with other players, open the chat console and type your message, then press Enter to send it.

You can change the chat channel at any time by selecting from the drop down menu in the chat console or by appending your message with the appropriate tag character. Additionally there are some channels that can be quickly selected by pressing the correct key combination.

Channel Tag Shortcut Purpose
Local N/A <chat key> Chat with players within a town hub or an area instance.
Global # Shift + <chat key> Communicate with a multitude of players within your league.
Party % Ctrl + Shift + <chat key> Chat with all members in your party.
Whisper %<character> Ctrl + <chat key> Chat with a specific character only. The keyboard shortcut can be used to reply to the last whisper received.
Trade $ Communicate with players for the purpose of trading items.

To avoid having your chat console fill up with unwanted messages, you can hide the global and trade channels by ticking the Hide Global Chat and Hide Trade Chat checkboxes respectively.


Various functions can be executed by entering commands in the chat console. A syntax of a command is a forward slash (/) followed by a string. Commands that require additional parameters are appended after the command string followed by a space.

Command Function
/help Displays a list of most console commands.
/ladder Displays the top ten characters on the current ladder.
/played Displays the length of time you have played your current character.
/age Displays how long ago your current character was created.
/deaths Displays how many deaths your current character has incurred.
/destroy Destroys the item on cursor. Use with caution!
/destroy_cosmetic_effects Destroys the cosmetic effects applied to the item on cursor. Use with caution!
/itemlevel Displays the level of the item on cursor.
/debug Displays debug information.
/invite <character> Sends a party invite to the character specified by <character>.
/friend <character> Adds a character to your friends list.
/ignore <character> Adds a character to your ignore list so that you do not receive messages from him.
/unignore <character> Removes a character to your ignore list.
/whois <character> Displays a character's level, class, league, and whether he is online.