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Ascendancy Passive Skill
Deadeye (Ascendants) passive skill icon.png
Projectiles gain Damage as they travel farther, dealing up
to 50% increased Damage with Hits to targets
Skills fire an additional Projectile
25% increased Effect of your Marks
You and nearby Allies have Tailwind
increased Movement, Cast and Attack Speed (Hidden) [1]

Deadeye is an Ascendancy passive skill for the Ascendant based on the Deadeye Ascendancy Class.

This passive grants increased accuracy rating, grants an additional projectile and pierce targets, and causes bleeding to not deal extra damage while moving. It also causes projectiles to deal increased damage the further it travels, like Far Shot (Unlike Far Shot, this grants Increased damage, not More damage).

Version history

Version Changes
  • Removed 30% increased Projectile Speed.
  • Added 100% increased Accuracy Rating and Moving while Bleeding doesn't cause you to take extra Damage.
  • Now grants Projectiles gain Damage as they travel further, dealing up to 50% increased Damage to targets (up from 30%).
  • The Deadeye also now grants 30% increased Projectile Speed, but no longer grants 15% chance to cause Bleeding with Attacks. As part of the Pierce rework, the Deadeye's 30% Pierce chance has become +2 Pierces.
  • Projectile pierce chance decreased from 50% to 30%.
  • Removed 20% increased Projectile Speed.
  • Added 15% chance to cause Bleeding on Hit with Attacks.
  • Added to the game.