Development Diary: ScopeEdit

Sunday, October 17, 2010

This is the first entry in the Path of Exile development diary. Today we're discussing the scope of the development diary and how often we intend to update it.

Keeping the community up to date on development progress is very important to us. We'll be posting a variety of information here such as:

  • The screenshot of the week. Every Sunday, we'll put up a recent screenshot that demonstrates something new or interesting. These may hint at unannounced features or merely provide a close look at something we've recently discussed.
  • Development updates. Whenever we can we'll post at least a small update on some new feature or concept that we want to explain. This may be as simple as showing a new piece of art, or could be as complex as a discussion of why we designed a system in a certain way. We expect to post something like this at least once every two weeks.
  • Lengthy articles. Occasionally we'll post a relatively meaty article about some technical, artistic or business topic. We have several planned, and aim to release one per month.