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Doedre's Cesspool
No Waypoint
Area level56
BossesDoedre the Vile
Area type tagssewers
Tagsindoors_area, area_with_water, act_boss_area, einharcavespiders, sewer_area, vile_areas
ConnectionsThe Toxic Conduits
The Grand Promenade
The Quay
Vaal Side AreasWalled-off Ducts
Spells of blood foul the waters below.
Act3 loading screen.png

Doedre's Cesspool is an area in Act 8. This area has a waypoint and is connected to The Grand Promenade, and The Quay. It is initially accessed from the The Toxic Conduits.

The path leads through some winding and branching sewer tunnels before eventually reaching a loose grate. This leads to The Cauldron subarea where Doedre is located.

After the fight is a one-way exit out of The Cauldron. The remaining area contains a waypoint, and the area past it is quite short; the entrance leads to a T-junction; the south end goes straight to the Promenade, whereas the north end goes through a small spiral area and leads out to the Quay. This waypoint shares the node with the The Toxic Conduits on the map.



Items found in this area

There are currently no items that have a drop table specific to this area.

Version history

Version Changes
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