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Doedre the Vile
Doedre the Vile
Location(s) Doedre's Cesspool
Quest(s) Essence of the Hag

Doedre the Vile is a unique monster located in Doedre's Cesspool in Act 8. It is the second Doedre encounter during the whole storyline.

The map variant is Portentia, the Foul (Waste Pool MapWaste Pool MapMap Level: 72
Map Tier: 5
Guild Character: _
Verdant life blossoms
amidst death.
Travel to this Map by using it in a personal Map Device. Maps can only be used once.


This second Doedre encounter takes place in Doedre's Cesspool at the end of the Act 8 quest Essence of the Hag. A valve in the center of the map allows the player to cycle through the 3 stages (Red, Purple, and Green) of the fight, each which applies a debuff on the player and effects the boss' behavior. On activating the valve, Doedre leaves the player alone for a few seconds.

Buffs and Debuffs

See also: Effluent and Sewage Toxins
The following is primarily from Huizui's video (linked below) but in a written format; check out his video if you prefer a visual guide.
Buff Color Buff Description (boss buff)
Red Doedre takes reduced damage
Green Doedre Deals more damage
Purple Doedre becomes sonic: she moves, attacks, and casts faster
Arena Color Effluent Description (player debuff)
Red Random spawning bubbles that pop will apply a debuff which makes you take 10% increased damage, stacking up to 10 times

(Min: 10%, Max: 100% damage taken)

Green Random spawning mobs, which apply Green Effluent debuff on death that makes you deal 7% less damage, stacking up to 10 times

(Min: 7%, Max: 70% damage dealt)

Purple Random spawning purple clouds will apply chaos degen and debuff, which makes you 7% slower, stacking up to 10 times

(Min: 7%, Max: 70% slowed)


Attacks Attacks Description
Warp Doedre teleports; this is similar to Lightning Warp but in a red bubble size instead of a sign on the floor
Wand Strike Throws out 3 projectiles (pierces you)
Bubble Burst Throws a projectile that becomes multiple and into bursts in a small area

Unlike several bosses previously encountered, all of Doedre attacks deal physical damage exclusively; therefore, one of the safest ways to defeat her is to capitalize on defenses that mitigate this kind of damage such as Armor, Endurance Charges, Fortify and other sources of flat reduction while engaging her during the Red or Green phases - it's also worth noting that the debuff of the latter can be completely circumvented by simply not killing her spawned minions.



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