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Level(s) 36
Location(s) The Upper Sceptre of God
Quest(s) Sceptre of God
Resistance(s) Resists Elemental Damage
Resists Chaos Damage
Skill(s) As Dominus, High Templar:
Lightning Stream
Lightning Fist
Chilling Bond
Ground Lightning teleport
Mark of Dominus

As Dominus, Ascendant:
Rain of Blood
Blood Projectiles

Dominus, High Templar is the final boss of act 3, located in The Upper Sceptre of God, on the Tower Rooftop (after climbing 3 or 4 staircases in the Upper Sceptre of God) Upon defeating him, Lady Dialla appears to congratulate the player and opens the way to act 4.


He is the High Templar, the highest rank of the order of the Templar, which appear to be the rulers of the theocracy of Oriath. Dominus also controls the Ebony Legion. His name is Latin for "Lord" or "Master".


Dominus, High Templar

unofficial Skill name Effect
Lightning stream (id: DominusLightningSouls) Shoots out a straight line of rapid-fire projectiles that deal lightning damage as they pass through the player.
Lightning fist (id: DominusLightningSlam) A slow powerful strike to the ground dealing AoE lightning and physical damage.[1]
Chilling Bond Casts multiple totems linked to each other with Cold Beam that chill and deal cold damage over time.
Ground lightning teleport (id: DominusDash) Teleports to the player, leaving behind a wide streak of shocking ground between the start and end locations.
Summoning Summons melee miscreations from the devices.
Mark of Dominus status icon.pngMark of Dominus Inflicts the player with "Mark of Dominus" directing miscreations to chase the player and explode.

Dominus, Ascendant

Skill Effect
Rain of Blood A rain of blood washes on the area, causing players to receive stacks of corrupted blood approximately at the rate of one stack per second. Dominus also casts a large stationary shield around him that protects from the rain.
Melee A regular melee attack.
Charge A fast charging move towards the target with a heavy blow at the end.
Grab When moving far away from Dominus, a demonic hand emerges from the ground and attempts to grab the player and teleport him back to Dominus.
Cleave Cleaves the target adding 2 stacks of corrupted blood per hit.
Blood Projectiles Shoots a volley of gory/blood projectiles in the air that land dealing physical(?) AoE damage.
Summoning Summons melee and ranged miscreations from the portals on the ground.


The Dominus fight can be a tough and complicated encounter, and it is important to have capped resistances, most importantly lightning resistance. Instant-healing (seething/bubbling) life potions, resistance flasks and granite/jade flasks are extremely helpful during this fight. There are various stages to this encounter, each of which has different mechanics and strategies. If you are playing on a hardcore league, it is advisable to bring Portal Scrolls to this fight to replenish your potions during the fight, and to allow a quick escape should that be necessary.


Initially, Dominus himself will not fight. Instead, he will send three unique Legionnaires to fight for him:

During this period, regular legionnaires will also enter the fray alongside the uniques, until all three uniques are dealt with. This phase should not be too difficult if the player isolates the uniques from each other and deals with them one by one. None of the uniques is particularly formidable on their own.

After these three bosses are defeated, the next three minibosses will enter the arena. Each one is a unique Miscreation, similar to the ones found in The Lunaris Temple:

Combined, these three uniques might pose a threat, but again, isolating them and dealing with them one by one should allow the player to complete this phase with minimal risk.

The First Phase - Human Dominus

Dominus' first, human form.

After all minibosses have been defeated, Dominus will descend to the arena and fight alongside the miscreations from the previous phase which will continue spawning until the very end of the fight. If the miscreations annoy you, you can lure Dominus to a relatively quiet spot on the roof and deal with him there, though he will still move around a bit, possibly causing you to attract some of the miscreations anyway. He has both a sizable life pool and a comparatively small energy shield. He has various attacks, each of which is quite dangerous in its own right and can be anticipated through various things Dominus says before using them. The attacks are:

  • The debuff Mark of Dominus which forces dominus minions to target the debuffed player aggressively and explode when near the vicinity of the player.
  • An area-of-effect Lightning/physical-based spell (Lightning Fist) dealing very heavy damage. To counter this spell, either run away or make sure you have good lightning resistance, armor and a decent life/ES pool. Granite and Topaz flasks, preferably with the "of Grounding" suffix, is immensely helpful against this attack, but must be used before he initiates the attack, as damage dealt is calculated when it is initiated (similar to Vaal's smash), ignoring any resistances gained after the attack has initiated.
  • A rapid-firing attack (Lightning Stream) which appears to be evadable/blockable, but is still very dangerous. This can be dodged without too much difficulty by walking perpendicular to its line of fire.
  • A cold damage dealing Searing Bond-like cluster of totems which deal damage over time. These do not deal a lot of damage and are easy to avoid.
  • A Flicker Strike-like attack which Dominus uses to move around the arena.

The Second Phase - Dominus Ascendant

Dominus' second form.

Once Dominus has lost all his life on the first phase, he will move to the center of the arena and turn into a bloodred insect-like being called Dominus, Ascendant. During this phase, he will have no energy shield left, but still a sizable life pool. It is important to stay close to him during this phase due to the nature of his attacks during this phase:

  • A melee attack dealing sizable, but not incredibly high damage which appears to be hybrid physical/fire. You will probably have to tank this.
  • A rain of blood in the entire arena except for a bubble around Dominus himself. You will want to stay inside the bubble or risk losing a lot of HP very rapidly. This is the most dangerous attack during the second phase and it is not advisable to risk getting caught up in it, so stay close to him at all times during this phase.



Killing Dominus grants you an achievement, depending on the character class played.

Achievement Class used
Hunter Ranger
Saviour Templar
Usurper Witch
Assassin Shadow
Champion Duelist
Conqueror Marauder
Seeker Scion

Text and Speech

Upon entering the vicinity of Dominus on the highest level of The Upper Sceptre of God (depends on which class you play):

  • Scion : I offered you the gift of exile and you used it to reinvent yourself. I couldn't wish for a more potent instrument. (Play)
  • Marauder : I exiled an animal. Now you almost resemble a man, Karui. (Play)
  • Witch: You'd bite the master that called you here, Witch? (Play) (Play)
  • Shadow: I've dealt with far darker shadows than you, exile. (Play) (Play)
  • Duelist: Welcome to the greatest of arenas, Duelist. God is watching. (Play)
  • Templar: Exile has tested you, my brother. Now let's see what God has to say. (Play)
  • Ranger: It is woman's purpose to tempt and try the will of man. (Play)

When the first unique boss trio is defeated: Submit, heretic! (Play)

When the second unique boss trio is defeated: Have you ever seen the true face of god, exile? (Play)

Occasionally: "Shrink not from god!" (Play)

When casting his Thunder Punch: The touch of God! or The light of divinity! (Play)

Occasionally, when attacking/marking a player: Die! (Play), Die in awe! or Nightmare prevails!

Upon killing Dominus in his first phase: This world is an illusion, exile. (Play)

Map variants

Stronger versions of Dominus serve as map bosses:

Map Level Name Notes
Villa MapVilla MapMap Level: 82
Map Tier: 15
Guild Character: ³
Wealth is powerless to stop the corroding force of time.Travel to this Map by using it in a personal Map Device. Maps can only be used once.
variable The High Templar Only first human form.
Palace MapPalace MapMap Level: 72
Map Tier: 5
Guild Character: \
Death forces even the most
determined of despots to
pass the crown.
Travel to this Map by using it in a personal Map Device. Maps can only be used once.
variable God's Chosen Both human and abomination form.

Divination card

The following divination card can drop from this monster:


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Version history

Version Changes
  • Dominus and his map variants are now less likely to skip their audio cues for Touch of God and Light of Divinity.
  • Introduced to the game.