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Red Effluent
Red Effluent status icon.png
Green Effluent
Green Effluent status icon.png
Purple Effluent
Purple Effluent status icon.png

Effluents are three debuffs found in arenas in several Doedre-related boss rooms:

Each debuff can stacks up to 10 times.

The debuffs are not the same as Temporal Chains skill icon.pngTemporal Chains, Enfeeble skill icon.pngEnfeeble and Vulnerability skill icon.pngVulnerability debuffs which used in the Act 4 fight, or another set of 3 debuffs from the Doedre, Darksoul fight in Act 9 (map version: Doedre the Defiler). However, the latter set use the same icons as Effluents.

List of effluents

Found in the boss room of Doedre the Vile (Act 8) and The Depraved Trinity (Act 9) and their map variants:

Debuff name Description
Red Effluent You are taking 10% increased damage for each stack of Red Effluent.
Green Effluent You and your Minions are dealing 7% less damage for each stack of Green Effluent.
Purple Effluent You are 7% slower for each stack of Purple Effluent.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Introduced to the game.