Einhar, Beastmaster

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Einhar Frey
Einhar Frey Beastmaster
Areas: The Forest Encampment, The Riverways, The Menagerie, Oriath
Functions: Offers beast hunting missions, vendor

Einhar Frey is a major NPC as well as a master.

In the Bestiary leagues, Einhar provides the player introduction to the Bestiary, beast hunting, and how to capture them with nets. As a master, Einhar directly assists the player in beast hunting by attacking monsters and throwing nets.

Einhar can also be found in the Menagerie, where you can use captured beasts for beastcrafting. He also sells Bestiary OrbsBestiary OrbStack Size: 10Stores a Beast in an item so it can be tradedRight click on this item then left click on a Beast in your Menagerie to turn it into a tradable item.
Shift click to unstack.
to itemize beasts for trading.


In zones where Einhar can appear, the zone will contain special beasts, indicated by their icons. There will be 3-5 yellow beasts (Medium Difficulty) and 1-2 red beast (Hard Difficulty). Yellow beasts have 1 Bestiary mod, while red beasts have 2 Bestiary mods.

When a beast is brought to low health, Einhar will appear. He is an invulnerable NPC and attacks with ranged shots, as well as a volley of shots and bombs. He also has an aura that grants life leech and life gain on hit and kill. Einhar will throw a net at weakened beasts, capturing them and moving them to the Menagerie. Beasts cannot be killed.

Once all beasts in the zone are captured, the mission is complete and Einhar will leave the area.

To level up Einhar, capture monsters in the Bestiary:

  • Capture 5 monsters for level 2.
  • Capture 20 monsters for level 3.
  • Capture 45 monsters for level 4.
  • Capture 80 monsters for level 5.
  • Capture 120 monsters for level 6.
  • Capture 160 monsters for level 7.

Capturing monsters that have previously been captured does NOT count towards this. Players can view what they've already captured by opening the Challenge/Achievements Panel (default key "H") and navigating to the "Bestiary" tab.[1]


ItemMaster levelFavour
16x16pxBurlap Sack128032
16x16pxClay Pot12805
16x16pxDestroyed Barricade12806
Driftwood Branches128012
Forest Rock128011
16x16pxMenagerie Rope Fence18604
16x16pxMonster Corpse1230017
16x16pxRusted Cage18609
Shore Rocks128013
16x16pxSkull Spikes128010
Animal Cage221604
16x16pxBuilding Supplies2216010
16x16pxCloth Sack221603
Clump of Vines221601
16x16pxDead Fish27207
Forest Flowers27204
16x16pxMenagerie Bucket221608
16x16pxMenagerie Feeding Trough221608
Metal Beam27205
Metal Plate27208
Metal Rod27204
16x16pxMossy Cairn27204
16x16pxRamshackle Ladder221602
16x16pxRotten Dead Fish27207
16x16pxRusty Gear221606
Shore Plank Debris272029
Shore Stub272012
Slum Debris272023
16x16pxWooden Beam272013
16x16pxWooden Plate2216011
Animal Pile352001
16x16pxAnimal Skeleton317409
16x16pxArena Fence317407
16x16pxBeach Coral317406
Beach Flies317401
16x16pxCamp Rug317404
Cannibal Sheet317404
Chopped Wood317401
16x16pxCoral Grass317407
Dead Seagull317403
16x16pxDesert Cactus352005
Desert Grass317405
16x16pxEmpty Crate317403
16x16pxFence Debris317402
Fish Stand317402
16x16pxFlax Plant352007
Fly Swarm317401
Forest Tree3174010
16x16pxHitching Post317405
16x16pxLarge Slum Debris317409
16x16pxLookout's Booth352001
16x16pxLush Tree352009
16x16pxMaulhead Basket352001
Meat Baskets352001
16x16pxMenagerie Fence317409
16x16pxPit Cleanup Cart3138003
Pitbull Corpse317401
Pot Line317401
Prayer Stones317406
16x16pxReef Coral317404
16x16pxRope Basket317402
16x16pxRusty Disk317402
16x16pxRusty Spindle317402
Seagull Nest317404
Sitting Log317406
Stick With Skull3174012
Webbed Remains3174012
Webbed Stump317406
16x16pxWooden Barricade352008
Agave Plant4322014
Aloe Plant4322013
16x16pxBurned Branch4322011
16x16pxBurned Tree432207
Crude Fence432208
Dead Seagull On Stick4322010
16x16pxDepressed Exile432207
16x16pxDry Flax495305
Dry Tree495306
16x16pxGarden Path432206
Impaled Corpse432204
Junk Pile432204
Karui Carving4253007
16x16pxKitava Horns42530014
Low Mossy Wall4322017
Macrotaen Plant4322012
16x16pxMenagerie Food Tray432208
Menagerie Nest4322010
16x16pxPalisade Cart432202
16x16pxPalm Tree495306
Poppy Plant4322012
16x16pxRed Grass4322010
Road Trim432206
16x16pxRusty Machine495302
Shore Bonfire495306
Slave Post495303
Slum Fence4953012
16x16pxSnowy Hay Bale432203
Spiral Stone4253002
16x16pxStone Obelisk432204
16x16pxTarget Dummy432201
Tribal Chest495303
16x16pxWeb-Covered Tree495306
Whare Rug495303
16x16pxWounded Exile432207
16x16pxBandit Tent5225004
16x16pxBestiary Notes5750014
16x16pxCoral Barnacles575004
Desert Plants5750020
16x16pxGarden Palm5225004
Hung Corpse575002
16x16pxHunted Rhoa5225001
Kaom's Throne5600001
Karui Palisade575005
16x16pxKitava Heart5600002
16x16pxMenagerie Cage Fence575007
Mossy Wall52250021
Mossy Wall Arch575002
Overgrown Arch575003
Overgrown Statue5225007
Pit Flags5225003
16x16pxPit Post575001
Raphina Tree5225004
Scrap Pile575001
16x16pxSki Equipment575002
Small Garden Statue575007
16x16pxThicket Tree575008
16x16pxWeathered Crane5225003
16x16pxWeathered Skull Pile5750012
16x16pxWhare Floor5225002
16x16pxWooden Pallet5225005
Bulb Palm6380004
16x16pxCoral Cluster61020004
Fortification Door6380003
16x16pxGarden Wall6380004
Kaom Rock63800012
Kitava Altar61020001
16x16pxKitava Banner6380009
16x16pxKitava Head61020004
Lava Fountain62440001
Lava Glow61020001
16x16pxLush Palm6380004
16x16pxMenagerie Large Trough6380005
Overgrown Wall6380007
Palisade Gate6380002
Rhoa Nest6380001
16x16pxRock Formation6380004
16x16pxRusty Crane6380005
16x16pxSarn Tree63800021
Slave Cart6380003
Spider Food6380007
Stone Statue63800016
Whale Skeleton Bones61072012
16x16pxAbandoned Crane7570002
16x16pxBlown Grass71500001
16x16pxBlown Leaves7190001
16x16pxCoral Formation7570004
Large Garden Statue7570005
Large Overgrown Statue7570005
Large Tent71500003
Large Whale Skeleton Ribs71532015
Lion Statue7570002
Medium Tent7190004
Menagerie Altar73600001
16x16pxMenagerie Cage7570002
16x16pxMenagerie Spirit Barrier7570007
Moss Monster7570003
Overgrown Offering Statue7570002
Palm Group71500004
Ravenal Tree7190004
Sack of Gems7190007
Stone Arch7570002
16x16pxWeathered Skull Display7570002
Whale Skeleton Arms71532026
Whale Skeleton Head71532015
Whale Skeleton Ribs71532016
Whale Skeleton Spine71532016



That look in your eye... I recognise it. A survivor, just like Einhar.

That is my name, exile. Einhar. In my native tongue it means 'lone fighter'. That is what Einhar was for many years.

But it is dangerous now to fight alone. Too dangerous, even for the mighty Einhar. We are in the final days of this world, exile. Of that, I am sure.

The animals in this land are sick. Sick in the body and sick in the mind. I have never seen such a sickness before. Only one thing can be done. We survivors must prepare for the end, and delay its arrival as long as we can.

For that we will need supplies. Weapons. Shelter. Food. This is where you come in.


You want to know Einhar's past? That is Einhar's business. No one else's.

The First Ones

They were the first survivors. The First Ones showed my people that to win, you must outlast. They left this world long ago to seek other survivors, but they will return. And when they do, I will join them in the Great Grove. And you will join Einhar, yes? Yes.

The Menagerie

It will surprise you to learn that I am not popular. The others here are ignorant. They do not see the end coming. They are not survivors like me... Or you.

Before we met, I kept beasts in the encampment. They got into the grain, then the meat. They were not as picky as Einhar about where they did their business. I learned that Rhoas do not digest Rhoa meat very well.

So I moved them to a new location. The Menagerie. Far away. It is a secret place. This is where we will perform the ritual for the First Ones. I have built a Blood Altar for such a purpose.

Do you wish to see it? Tell Einhar. You will be taken there.


Not all beasts were born equal, survivor. The First Ones look upon some captures and sacrifices more fondly than others. You may not even deem some beasts worthy of sacrifice!

Do not worry. Einhar has imbued some Orbs with powerful blood magic. You can use these Bestiary Orbs on any beast in the Menagerie and the beast will be bound to the Orb. Then you can do whatever you want with it. Give it to a handsome man like Einhar, maybe? You cannot tell, but I am very handsome under this mask.

Once a Bestiary Orb contains a beast, you can use it again to release the creature to the Menagerie. Be careful, though, it will break the Orb.


Ohhhh... Niko... I love Niko! Einhar digs around in the bellies of beasts for signs from the First Ones, and Niko digs around in the ground with a big metal spike! And he talks to the First Ones just like I do. Or... I think he does. He talks to someone! And what a voice! He is very skinny though. I am not sure he will be a survivor.


I love Alva! She is a student of blood thaumaturgy, just like Einhar. And she is collecting things, just like Einhar. But where I collect things so that we may survive the end of the world, Alva collects things from people who did not survive the end of the world already! It is as if we are two heads on the same hound, but her head is where the butt should be!


She is so mysterious, exile. And I love mysterious! She told me all her friends disappeared, which also happened to Einhar! She thinks her friends are dead, but I don't think my friends are dead. They disappeared after I cracked open a buck's skull while we were eating and plucked out its brain. We weren't even eating venison! I don't even remember where I found the buck! That was a wonderful birthday.


Einhar loves Zana! Her hair reminds me of the inside of a Devourer, all red and stringy. She says many things that I do not understand, and marks down locations of places I have never been, even though I have been everywhere! So mysterious! Einhar loves mystery and locations. She has not seen her father in a very long time, so I try to be her father. I try to feed her meat as red as her hair. "This will keep it red and stringy!" I say, and she tells me to close my eyes while she eats it. It is so red and stringy, it must be working!


The blackguard girl? Einhar hates blackguards... but I loooooove Helena! She is great at finding places to hide. I like to try and find her and then I hide and wait for her to find me! And she never can! Always I win! ...Now that I think about it, I do not think she knows to look for me. Maybe next time I should tell her before I hide.


Oh yes, the revenant. Well... I love her. She reminds Einhar of the great, feathered Saqawal. I like to sneak up behind her as if she was Saqawal and I were Einhar, and I try to pounce like Einhar would pounce. Every time she steps out of the way and I fall on the ground like a silly Einhar! Even when I am as quiet as dead cat! How does she do it?

Dialogue (The Menagerie)

This Menagerie

Welcome to Einhar's menagerie, exile. This is where I keep the beasts we capture. Do not worry about their wellbeing—I do not think they will worry about yours!! Haha! A little humour for you.

But seriously, exile, Einhar takes very good care of the beasts we capture. I feed them, clean them, and read them the poems I write. Then, when you are ready, we slaughter them at the blood altar, to prove to the First Ones that we are worthy of survival. That part is not so friendly to beasts, but if you read my poetry, you may consider it an act of mercy. Hahaha! Again, humour! My poetry is great.

Please, look around! Take your time! But do not feed the animals. That is Einhar's job.

The Blood Altar

The end is coming, exile. Of that, I am sure.

...Just not so sure when. Maybe tomorrow? Maybe three years form now. No more than three years from now.

When the end arrives, we must be ready. The First Ones will return. They will bring the survivors with them to the Great Grove. We must prove we are worthy. We must sacrifice the beasts we find at the Blood Altar.

Feed the altar the blood of these beasts, and the First Ones will bless us. And, perhaps, reveal to us their secrets.

Saqawal, First of the Sky

During a cold winter, Einhar camped on a mountain. I have many furs to keep me warm in the cold. ... I did not bring them. But I did have Rhoa ooze. While sipping warm ooze, Einhar had a vision. A lizard, feathered and crimson, watching from shadows of shadows.

An avatar of the First Ones. A test. Saqawal, First of the Sky. In my cup, ooze swirled. Another vision, in the blood of the birds and reptiles. It is lucky I had so much to drink that night, or else this secret may have remained a secret.

Find many birds and reptiles, Exile. The path to the First of the Sky is in their blood.

Farrul, First of the Plains

Years ago, Einhar was wandering the fields near Sarn in search of a worthy Survivor. I did not find one. Then I did not find water. Then I did not find shelter. This was a learning moment for Einhar.

Beneath the hot sun, Einhar saw a swirl of red and white. A flash of teeth. Farrul, First of the Plains, an Avatar of the First Ones. I pursued it, and as night fell, so did I... right into a Hellion pit. I drank my fill of Hellion blood that night. That is how I learned I do not like Hellion blood.

It is also how I learned that Farrul's secrets lie in the blood of hounds, cats, and others of warm blood. Go, find many, and we will find Farrul.

Craiceann, First of the Deep

Einhar has many talents. You will learn. I sailed to Wraeclast alone, a risky and brave feat. You are impressed, yes?

My boat was small and not well prepared for the journey. Then my ship ran aground... but there was no ground. Very confusing. Water all around, but the ship could not move. My food spoiled quickly. I am very good at fishing. I will have to show you how some time... maybe. I caught many fish. And crabs. And squid. I ate very well, but there was little water. I had booze. I threw the scraps to the sea.

Then... the ship moved. Lifted. I looked aft. A crab, massive and red, stood on a lone rock, covered in my scraps. It was Craiceann, an Avatar of the First ones.

Einhar knows the secret of Craiceann. It lies in the bellies of the sea creatures. Find them, and we will see Craiceann again.

Fenumus, First of the Night

Einhar is a brave explorer. The secret to my bravery? I do not think. One day I did not think as I went into a cave. It was very brave. But then I got lost. It was dark. I did not think, so I did not think to bring a torch.

I walked in total darkness by touch until... a light. Then two. Then many! So many lights! I got closer and closer. The lights got brighter and brighter. Then... I slipped. I fell very far. Einhar was sure he was dead. But then I was caught... in a web. The lights moved and swirled. Insects. And in front of them was a shadow of a spider. Fenumus... An Avatar of the First Ones.

Her web was strong, but Einhar's blade was stronger. I cut myself free. Into the river below. Washed to shore. A fun adventure.

The path to Fenumus is in the blood of bugs. Spiders. Insects. Carrion queens. Get them, and Fenumus will follow.

Hunting/Mission Dialogue

Mission Start

"Exile.... [laughs], you are a welcome omen!"

"I... love hunting!"

"Hunt or be hunted, exile!"

"This one is caught. Einhar will take it!"

"You are caught, beast! You will either be a survivor, or you will be food!"

"We will be best friends beast, until we slaughter you!" [Laughs maniacally] (3.5 Betrayal)

"Do not worry little beast, we are friends now!"

"Oooh, that was a juicy one exile!"

Mission Done

  • "There are no more worthy beasts nearby, so Einhar will feed the ones we caught."
  • "That was a great hunt, exile! Einhar will write a mighty poem about it."
  • "An exilarating hunt, exile. Now it is time for Einhar to go do Einhar business."

Concept art

Version history

Version Changes
  • Einhar once again sells Bestiary OrbBestiary OrbStack Size: 10Stores a Beast in an item so it can be tradedRight click on this item then left click on a Beast in your Menagerie to turn it into a tradable item.
    Shift click to unstack.
  • Einhar Frey is now a master. You can first meet him in Act 2. He will help you capture beasts which can be used to craft items at the blood altar in his menagerie.
  • No longer sells nets and Bestiary Orbs.