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Elemancer is a notable Ascendancy passive skill for the Elementalist that increases the maximum number of golems and grants increased damage for the type corresponding to the type(s) of golem you have active. It also grants ignite immunity if you have a Summon Flame Golem skill icon.pngFlame Golem summoned, chill and freeze immunity if you have an Summon Ice Golem skill icon.pngIce Golem summoned, and shock immunity if you have a Summon Lightning Golem skill icon.pngLightning Golem summoned.


While the golems from Summon Chaos Golem skill icon.pngSummon Chaos Golem and Summon Stone Golem skill icon.pngSummon Stone Golem won't grant increased damage, players can still gain the increased damage bonus from these golems.

Having multiple golems does not allow stacking the damage bonus from multiple of the same type of golem, but will grant the player increased damage for multiple types for each unique type of golem summoned.

Version history

Version Changes
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