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The area of an Empowered Breachstone offers an increase in quantity and rarity of items found, as well as an increase in monster level, monster experience and monster pack size over their normal counterparts.

They can be aquired by upgrading a normal Breachstone, in the Crafting Bench, that appears in a Immortal Syndicate Safehouse if It That Fled was also present there.

List of Empowered Breachstones

Breachstone areas

Area Level Breachstone type
Chayula's Domain 80 Normal
Chayula's Domain 81 Charged
Chayula's Domain 82 Enriched
Chayula's Domain 83 Pure
Tul's Domain 70 Normal
Tul's Domain 74 Charged
Tul's Domain 79 Enriched
Tul's Domain 81 Pure
Xoph's Domain 70 Normal
Xoph's Domain 74 Charged
Xoph's Domain 79 Enriched
Xoph's Domain 81 Pure
Esh's Domain 70 Normal
Esh's Domain 74 Charged
Esh's Domain 79 Enriched
Esh's Domain 81 Pure
Uul-Netol's Domain 75 Normal
Uul-Netol's Domain 78 Charged
Uul-Netol's Domain 81 Enriched
Uul-Netol's Domain 82 Pure

Version history

Version Changes
  • Monster level from all Empowered Breachstone -1.
  • Introduced to the game.