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Throughout Wraeclast are various pieces of environmental lore that can be found in many different zones. These lore pieces provide background information about the History of Wraeclast.

Act 1

Letters of Exile

Main page: Letters of Exile

Found in Lioneye's Watch. They contain information on when and for what an exile was sentenced. Clicking on the object repeatedly will rotate randomly between different exiles.

Weathered Carvings (Lavianga)

Found throughout Act 1. They tell of the Karui's attempt to settle in Wraeclast, as told by Lavianga.

Lioneye's Standard

Found in The Climb. It marks where Marceus Lioneye commanded the Eternal Legion in what would be his last stand against the Karui.

There is no Honour without Sacrifice.

Shavronne's Journal

Found in The Warden's Quarters.

Still the Karui barbarians advance upon us. Lioneye is dead, his legion slaughtered, along with every Eternal man, woman and child from Lioneye’s Watch to the foot of our Axiom. Should the need arise we shall retreat through Prisoners Gate, raising my barricade behind us.
Yet our salvation is at hand. Foul times demand heroic deeds, and through my arts our Lord Brutus will arise anew to defend us. May the dry sands quench their thirst with Karui blood when our mighty Warden delivers his judgement upon them.

Order of Protection

Found in The Warden's Quarters.

My loyal Declan,
Give our Lady Piety your absolute support and watch her with absolute scrutiny. There is much to learn from the likes of the Inquisitor, the Umbra and the Soulless One. I would hate for Piety to feel that she need shoulder such perilous wisdom alone.
- Dominus

Letter of Instruction

Found in The Warden's Quarters.

Dear Shavronne,
You have certainly had your work cut out for you with Lioneye's Legion. Do not concern yourself with Marceus' complaints. Our Emperor is fully aware of the General's fickle nature.
As to your need to accelerate the implantation process, I can recommend a quite simple alteration. Dip the gem in a boiling solution of six parts blood and one part thaumetic sulphite for no more than thirteen seconds. Any longer and you invite the crystal's wrath.
Once the gem is withdrawn from the solution, you have but a few seconds to install the gem in the prepared flesh and close the wound. Should the gem cool too much prior to implantation, it will become inert and your patient with it.
Trust in that bountiful talent of yours, Shavronne. My thoughts are with you.

Sailor's Skin

Sailor Skin.jpg

Found in The Cavern of Wrath.

Welcome, husband. We knew in our hearts that you would find us. Come, Daresso, Ambrosia and Amarissa must meet their father. Come, my love. Return to your family.

Damp Diary

Damp Diary.jpg

Found in Merveil's Lair.

Daresso gave me the gem, kissed me, promised that he would be by my side forever. I sang for him. I sang for Oriath with his gem at my throat. Kalisa's gem. Kalisa's voice.
I sang in her echo, performing arias that had once made the Empire weep. I listened to Kalisa's lullabies in my dreams. I gave myself to her music. Mind...and body.
Daresso left me, for Sarn, with a promise to free me from Kalisa. I begged him not to go. Tried to show him the wonder of my transformation, the beautiful daughters he would soon meet. He couldn't see. None of them could see. I fled from their hatred.
When Daresso returns I will cast his cure away. I will teach him what true love is.

Act 2

Etchings on Wood

Main page: Etchings on Wood

Found throughout The Crossroads.

Ancient Reverie Device

Found in The Chamber of Sins Level 1.

If you attempt to transmogrify a virtue gem without the proper mental preparation, you will be a puppet master working strings made of vipers. Remember, these gems are phantasms in crystalline form, alive, with volitions inscrutable. Master conscious dreaming, as I instructed you. Your death would mean little to me, Maligaro. It's what your demise could unleash that concerns me.

Transmutia Device

Found in The Chamber of Sins Level 2.

I bequeath this Transmutia Device to you, Inquisitor Maligaro, in recognition of your devotion to our sublime Art. May it be the chariot that conveys your dreams into reality.
Malachai, Thaumaturge Laureate to the Empire


Found in The Western Forest.

We, the Court of Reckoning find you, Doedre Stamatis, guilty of the following transgressions against God:
Perversion of God's Creation
Promotion of Heretical Beliefs
Unlawful Enslavement of Eternal Citizens
Torture of the Innocent
Murder of the Servants of Purity
For these most severe crimes, I do sentence Doedre Darktongue to burn at the stake till naught is left but ash. May her life serve as penance for the lives she has taken, and let Purity sweep away the dust of her deeds from our firmament.
- High Templar Voll, Commander of the Army of Purity

Arteri's Letter

Found in The Western Forest.

Arteri, my beautiful captain.
I wish it were not you, but I cannot bring myself to trust any other with this most vital of tasks.
This is the only pass between the inner and outer Empire. No further exiles are to enter the inner Empire. We have material enough for our work.
Ensure that the barricade remains in place, and if any exile should somehow pass through, kill them.
I will send for you when my work is complete in Sarn.
Until we share our next night together,

Plaque (Fellshrine Ruins)

Found in The Fellshrine Ruins (Act 2).

On this day, the 2nd Sacrato of Verusi, 1334 IC, the Army of Purity remembers its most devout and beloved servant, Archbishop Geofri of Phrecia.
As spoken by Geofri:
Only will and truth can prevail
over the evil of our own kin.
- High Templar Voll, commander of the Army of Purity

Act 3

Ancient Graffiti

Main page: Ancient Graffiti

Found throughout Act 3.

Ancient Notebook

Found in The Marketplace.

I write this now in hope that someone will remain. Someone may remember.
The sun is an orb of blood. Twisted twilight shrouds my eyes. The air reeks of anguish. Sarn has plunged into nightmare.
The man who served me coffee now writhes on the floor. He rants of visions he alone can see, as writhing red tentacles grow from his face, as if his eyes had been seeds waiting to sprout. He is quiet, now, my waiter. No more cackling and screaming. Dead.
Of my fellow patrons, only two live. The others have fallen. Their blood is everywhere. The survivors, Gemlings both... their skin shrivels and greys to the hue of necrosis. Their gems flare with unholy lustre. Their eyes... black as... hatred.
A gemling ghoul... it twisted off a corpse's head... gnaws at skull like dog. My head now... visions clawing at me... Thinking burns! I see... horror, envy the mute corpses at my... feet. Words flay me... flee me. All is madness...

Journal Entry

Found in The Solaris Temple Level 2 (Act 3).


1st Caso of Divini, 1333 IC.

"Pretty as porcelain, but her mouth spins like the potter's wheel." That's how I once described Dialla. Yet on this day, my lady is as ravishing as a nightmare, radiant as the fullest moon.

Dialla is my Gemling Queen and we shall rule, side by side, over the world that will soon come to be.


- Malachai

The audio does not include the first sentence, but the script displayed in-game includes that sentence.

Reverie Device

Found in The Eternal Laboratory.


I awoke, feverish, and barely conscious I set to drawing these maps through the sable hours. By morning my fingers ached, my eyes burned, yet still I found no rest. The Reverie commanded its rendering.

The Reverie Device now stands completed. I have placed the first of my maps within its receptacle. I have taken my maiden voyage into Nightmare.

I know now that which sent me this precious gift. It knows me, expects my return. It would be foolish to disappoint.


- Malachai

Malachai's Journal

Found in The Eternal Laboratory.


Tear down the walls that imprison the mind... that is what the gems do. That is their true 'virtue'.

The moment my fingertips brushed the cool, silken planes of that first gem, I felt it. My skull ached, as if its contents were growing, pressing against the bone, searching for a way to break free.

That night, once the wine had dulled the pain enough to allow the onset of sleep, the dreams began. I have not been without them since. Nor would I be. Every spark of thaumaturgy that I wield, every device that I forge, every creature that I transfigure, I owe to these lessons cloaked in Nightmare.

From whence do these precepts hail? Certainly not the mundane grey between my ears. I possess only one reference that bears faith. Translated with unquestionable clarity by that idiot savant, Icius Perandus. "The Beast". Doryani of the Vaal knew the truth. Soon now, so shall I.


- Malachai

The Purity Chronicles

Can be found throughout The Library and The Archives. They tell of the Warriors of Purity and their insurrection against Emperor Chitus.

The Ancients

Main page: The Ancients

Can be found throughout The Library and The Archives. They tell of the fall of the Vaal Empire and the rise of the Eternal Empire.

Victario's Writings

Can be found throughout The Library and The Archives. They contain anecdotes and allegory written by the poet Victario of Sarn.

Dark Tome

Found in The Library with the Unbearable Whispers IUnbearable Whispers IDark runes skitter across the pages of the tome, concealing the Whisperer's allies.You will discover a tome in the Library, Academy Map, Museum Map, or Scriptorium Map.Right-click to add this prophecy to your character.Seal Cost:
5x Silver Coin

My Council,
The sky turns black as ink.
We must gather at once, for I fear the end draws close.
I have uncovered a tome that illustrates certain forbidden techniques used to prolong life far beyond ordinary means. We shall fracture our very souls, and keep safe a piece of one another's very being. With this, none of us may perish unless all of us perish at once.
It is not without a cost, for life granted requires life be paid, but it need not be any of ours. Bring your most loyal and healthy retainers, and bid the rest farewell, for we shall not see them again.
Make haste and do not speak of where you are going. Immortality is within our grasp, but there are countless who would risk death - who would kill - for a chance at eternal life.

Letter to Chitus

Found in The Sceptre of God.

My dear Chitus,
The Empire has lived in fear and ignorance since its inception. Our Azmeri ancestors, in their arrogance, turned their backs on the lessons of the Vaal.
The emperors before you lacked courage, lacked vision, paying lip service to 'Eternity' while scrabbling for approval and comfort within the prison of their meagre, mortal lives.
You are not one of those emperors. You are Chitus the Great, the man who will make this Empire truly understand the meaning of the word 'Eternal'.
We shall build this Thaumatocracy together, my emperor, gem by gem, immortal by immortal.
Your devoted servant,

Plaque (Sceptre of God)

Found in The Sceptre of God.

Laureate Thaumaturge to the Eternal Empire
The Father of Dreams

Act 4


Found in The Aqueduct.

Captain Vincenti,
The Highgate holds the secret to the true origin of the gems. Cleanse the mountain of those Maraketh parasites and secure the entrance to those Mines.
Do not disappoint me, Vincenti. As you well know, my displeasure can change a man.

Voll's Confession

For the decoration, see Voll's Confession (decoration).

Found in The Dried Lake.

I vowed to "care for this empire with my eyes open". I lied to my people. I lied to myself. Blinded by my lust for 'purity', I placed my faith in the most corrupt of men.
I watch now as my legion dies, their flesh melting from their twisted bones. They fall...and rise. A tide of mortal death and eternal damnation.
I feel it now in my own flesh. The heat. The corruption.
I have failed you, my Empire of Purity. Do not forgive me but please, I beg of you, survive me.

Malachai's Notebook

Found in The Crystal Veins.

The Rapture Device has absorbed its fill of harvested life from Fury and Desire. It is ready.
So am I.
I know now that I was born to be the end and the beginning of the Empire. The Beast has made this clear to me. As clear and undeniable as the sacrifice I must now make.
My Lady Dialla, my love, my life's greatest achievement. She must leave me now, for she cannot follow and she will perish if she remains.
And so I will ask of her more than she would ever give. I will betray her. I will break her heart so that I do not break her soul.

Weathered Carvings (Kaom)

Found throughout Kaom's Dream and Kaom's Stronghold. They tell of the Karui's attempt to conquer Wraeclast, as told by Kaom.

Plaques (Grand Arena)

Found throughout The Grand Arena. They tell of Daresso's youth and his love for Merveil.

Malachai's Dedication

Found in The Harvest

On this day, the eve of this Rapture's completion, I honour those who have passed and whose passion and knowledge have brought us to the brink of salvation.
Inquisitor Maligaro, a creative force without equal.
Shavronne of Umbra, an aesthete of transcendent sensibility.
Doedre Darktongue, an idol of fervor and dedication.
You taught me far more than I ever taught you, my students... my friends. We strove to make a greater world together and, in your memory, I shall make that world a reality.

Resonator Instructions

Found at the end of The Ascent.

Captain Tevarus,
Altitude is imperative to forging a stable connection with the Prime Resonator in Theopolis. Power source is equally vital. Locate a fissure in the mountainside and lower a conductive cable into it, the deeper the better. It will take an immense amount of thaumaturgical energy to execute the successful disintegration and transmission of objects, both inanimate and animate, between Highgate and Theopolis. For that kind of power, we must tap the origin.
I needn't remind you of the consequences should either of those elements prove deficient. That is why I would like you, Tevarus, to be the first to test the Resonator once it is operational.
Accountability is the perfect counterweight to ambition.
High Templar Dominus

Act 5

Stained Glass Window

Found on 8 plaques in The Chamber of Innocence.

On that day two were born of their mother's womb. Innocence, with eyes of burning red. Sin, with eyes of clearest blue.
Innocence lived with an honest and pure heart, never straying from his mother's word. Sin filled his heart with lies and indulgence, and deafened his ears to his mother's pleas.
When the Mother of Two broke bread, she allowed Innocence to eat his fill, as reward for his virtuous nature. Sin was cast the scraps to remind him of his worthless ways.
Yet the punishment only served to feed Sin's lusts. Before his brother's eyes, Sin stole a fish from the market and lied to the watchmen who caught him. Sin then beat his brother until a promise of silence was extracted.
Innocence could not keep a promise made in fear. He bore witness and testimony to the Mother of Two, and it was decided, between mother and son, that Sin was beyond rule and redemption. That only purification could cleanse his burgeoning corruption.
The village gathered to watch Sin become ash, and breathed deeply of the smoke that poured from his screaming mouth. Sin filled their lungs, their minds and their hearts.
Innocence watched Sin take root in the bodies of men and women and children. He witnessed them turn on each other, first with words, then with fists. Friends and kin embraced in mortal struggles, their skin weaving with skin, flesh bonding with flesh, bone entwining with bone, until the village had become one writhing giant, forged of strife and hatred.
As this titan of Sin rose to its many feet, Innocence knew that the village was lost. With an anguished cry he committed it to flame. As town and titan burned, the sky turned dark with the ash of Sin. There, amongst the raging ruins of his home, Innocence swore an oath. No matter where the ashes of Sin fell, his purifying flames would rise to meet them.

Triumph of Innocence

Found in The Chamber of Innocence.

Waves crashed upon the shores of Oriath.
Waves of Hunger.
Waves of Desire.
The Ravenous God and His starving multiple.
Rising with the tide.
Flooding our streets with death and depravity.
Until Innocence cried out, 'No more!'
Bathing our city in fire.
Scorching the wicked to ash and bone.
The Ravenous God fled.
Into the embrace of our glorious Saviour.
Driven down He was, into soil, stone and beyond.
Into damnation.
By the Will and Light of our Innocence.
"Triumph of Innocence" by High Templar Avarius

Kitava's Hunger I

Found in The Reliquary near the chest with Tukohama's Tooth.

Arohongui, Daughter of the Moon, was preparing for a feast to celebrate Tukohama's return from his war on the First Ones of the Ezomytes. Tawhoa, Son of the Forest, asked each of the birds to sacrifice one of their kind for the feast. He gave these offerings to Arohongui who cooked them in a great fire-stone pit.
Seeing all of those plump birds cooking made Kitava very hungry, and he offered to watch them, to make sure they didn't burn while Arohongui rested during the heat of the day. Arohongui thanked Kitava for his kindness, but while she slept, Kitava ate the cooking birds, flesh, bones, gizzards and all.
Upon waking, Arohongui was furious to find Kitava had lied to her, for saying that he would watch the birds when he truly intended to eat them all up. When Tukohama arrived home in his mighty canoe, Aohongui asked him to punish Kitava for his selfish gluttony.
Tukohama, our Father of War, agreed and pulled the sharpest tooth from his own mouth. He then asked Arohogui and Tawhoa to hold Kitava fast while he cut Kitava's face with the tooth. Two slashes that blinded Kitava and formed a bleeding cross upon his face.
From that day forth, Kitava would never be able to promise to watch that which he truly intended to consume.
Narrated by Slave Utula
Transcribed by Irwen of Theopolis

Kitava's Hunger II

Found in The Reliquary near the chest with Valako's Jaw.

To replace the feast of birds that Kitava had greedily consumed, Tukohama, our Father of War, and Valako, Father of Storm, went fishing.
Although Kitava was blind, he could still cast his line and feel when a fish took his bait. So Tukohama and Valako took him with them on Tukohama's mighty canoe.
But while they fished, Kitava grew hungry and secretly ate all of their bait of grubs and worms. Disgusted and angry, Tukohama and Valako decided to use Kitava as bait instead. Valako used his own jawbone as a hook, impaled Kitava on it, and cast both into the sea.
Kitava sank to the bottom of the sea, but instead of the fish eating Kitava, it was Kitava who ate all of the fish that nibbled at him, flesh, scales, guts and all.
When Tukohama and Valako hauled a fat-bellied Kitava back up from the sea, they were even more furious, and knew that Kitava must be punished one final time.
Narrated by Slave Utula
Transcribed by Irwen of Theopolis

Kitava's Hunger III

Found in The Reliquary near the chest with Hinekora's Hair.

Tukohama, our Father of War, and Valako, Father of Storm, took Kitava to Hinekora, Mother of Death.
They asked her to kill the greedy Kitava, for surely their tribe would starve if Kitava continued to live among them. But Hinekora refused, for death would not teach Kitava the lesson he needed to learn.
Instead, Hinekora beat Kitava with a whip woven of her own hair. To Kitava, each strand was a searing lash, and so he wore thousands and thousands of blistering lashes across his back as Hinekora drove him relentlessly into the darkest corner of the underworld. There she left him to suffer, without water or food, for the rest of eternity.
And there Kitava remained, in the darkness of Hinekora's night-clad island for time beyond measure. There he suffered, waiting for the day that he could return to the world of light to slake his scorching thirst and satiate his ravening hunger.
Narrated by Slave Utula
Transcribed by Irwen of Theopolis

Act 6

Message in a Bottle

Found in The Twilight Strand (Act 6).

If God wills it, the final account of First Mate Piken, castaway on the rock somewhere off the Twilight Strand.
Near as I can tell, the rest of the crew, along with Captain Caruso, be dead... or worse. What happened? I'd not have believed it myself had I not seen it with me own two eyes.
At dawn, a light, green and dark, rose from 'neath the waves and into the sky. While most of us stood back in awe, I heard a cry rise up from the lower deck. Casting me eyes in that direction, I saw the waves upchuck, and a swarm of ocean crabs cover the vessel. Ravenous and of countless numbers they were, making quick work of the sailors about them. Nothing but bones and tatters of cloth!
We fled to the longboats as fast we could, hoping to leave them ungodly crustaceans behind us, but lo, from within that green pillar of light, I saw him! The Brine King, like a bloated whale he breached the familiar waters and turned the ship beneath our feet to match-wood. I was flung into the sea, yet managed to cling to some flotsam and make my way to rest on this damnable rock.
Seems that ancient Tsoagoth has a mind to take dominion of these seas once more. Captain Caruso was right to drown those mutineers in the old king's name. A shame we'd not found more. For now, beneath the waves, I hear the whispers of me own passing in a thousand clicking pincers. May God have mercy on me, and may someone benefit from this warning.

Leatherbound Logbook

Found in The Tidal Island (Act 6).

My motley crew, neither fit to lick my boots nor curl my moustache, have bloody well betrayed me. And I was only trying to save them, those that remained true. Even now, floating prostrate upon a plank of wood, bathed in the dying embers of the evening sun, I hear the clitter-clatter of a million tiny claws. If I close my eyes, I see those tentacles reaching up to me out of the deep.
I don't know why the Brine King chose me. For weeks I've heard the voices, whispering of his return, gurgling of doom and slavery to us all. I tried to warn the simple men of my ship, made examples of those more violent disbelievers. Yet my prophecies only served to drive the rest into obstinate ignorance. They cast me overboard, perhaps in the vain hope that in my death, none of my utterances would come true.
Alas, as the morning sun peeked over the horizon, a pillar of green light rose up from the waves, vindicating my darkest fears. The old god ascended from the depths and laid waste to my ship and all aboard her. Now, without food nor water, I shan't last the night. My bones shall be plucked clean by the pincered multitude that haunts me even now.
May this message find land, and by the unholy revelation that Tsoagoth has risen, may my reputation be restored.
- Captain Caruso of the Lady in Waiting

Shavronne's Manifesto

Found atop Shavronne's Tower.

This world is dull and ugly, an imperfect feast of sights, feelings and smells that repulse and depress. Yet amongst this deformity I have found my sublime calling. This world may be abominable, but to an extent, I can be its savior.
I have been gifted with a special sight. Before me lies a blueprint of perfection, a kind of hidden beauty within skin, muscles, tendons and organs. With a tempered hand and a sharpened blade, I will refashion, reshape and rebirth this world.
My obligation is immense, something that will, in all likelihood, consume my life. I cannot rest! My calling energises me. Such is an artist's curse and compulsion.

Letter Fragment

Found in The Beacon.

...I beg of you, Mercutio, if you have any care for the friendship we once had, grant me this one favour. It is true I have my own boat, but that is for hauling in fish! It is not fit to travel the waters I must navigate. My wife needs me, my friend. I know it reeks of madness, but Abi has been taken, kidnapped by the King of Brine himself. I fear too that he intends to make her one of his fishwives, just as the old stories warned us!
Please, Mercutio, I've heard tell of your success as a merchant in recent years. Surely you can spare one ship? Let me voyage out and rescue her, or at least, bring her body back to rest on dry land. Help me silence the insanity in my own mind.
Every night, I dream of pale, slime-slick creatures that pursue my boat through the thick, dark waters. I try not to look at them, but I also do. And they look back, their eyes wide with sadness and longing. They are not eyes born of the sea, Mercutio. God help me...they are Abi's eyes.
- Benric of Gulton

Templar Report

Found in The Beacon.

General Marcovius,
Commander of the Templar Fleet
Operation Ocean Blades
An urgent Report on:
The Massacre of Pondium Strait.
"We were sent here to crush the Brinerot pirates, but something far more troubling has occupied our attentions. Of the surviving men, a few of the older, more superstitious types call it the Brine King. Apparently some false deity of the sea we've long since scoured from our holy scriptures.
Whatever the damned thing is, it's big. I've seen it myself, though as little more than a vast shadow far below us, veritably dwarfing the hulls of our fleet.
Most of our ships are gone, dragged beneath the waves by this malevolent leviathan. We could do little but watch in horror as the waters about us blossomed red. We are nearing the Beacon, what's left of us, and the wind blows strongly towards home.
High Templar Avarius, please understand that I am not a man cut from the coward's cloth, but this situation... this game of cat and mouse has gone on too long. There is nothing to be gained in continuing on to Pondium. We shall turn our sails and catch the trade wind back to Oriath. I only pray we can outrun this thalassic fiend.
May Innocence guide and protect us.
General Marcovius

Shrine to the Brine King

Found in The Brine King's Reef.

O' Lord of Salt and Scale, your servants attend to thee.
Praise thee Tsoagoth!
Without life yet living, the Brine King sleeps.
We send our prayers to thee, so that you might eternally slumber.
O' great one, we offer up this human soul as slave for you in your drowned city.
Take this life and bid the seas be calm and plentiful.
Woe to the Sailor who does not offer tribute to thee!
Such a man is cast off from our ocean kingdom!
He shall be made pariah, with neither captain nor commission.
Judge us not by unworthy sails,
Look to us as your servants.
Your kin of salt and scale.
O' praise thee Tsoagoth, praise thee!

Act 7

Maligaro's Manifesto

Found in The Chamber of Sins Level 1 (Act 7) near the waypoint.

My interest in this world is dwindling. Most children begin their lives wide-eyed, amazed at what this world has to offer. I have always been different. Since the day I was born I've been searching for the new, the surprising, that which disturbs both senses and mind.
Oh to be an artist! What a lamentable task. Not seeing the world as it is, but as it should be.
Peace is the worst of it! A disgusting state of stagnation, fit only for the weak and vapid. War, confusion, terror. Love and passion, these things are closest the world gets to being interesting and alas, I have felt them all. Yet all these pale in comparison to the delightful chaos I have envisioned for this poor, dull world.

Shrine to Arakaali

There are five shrines to be found in different locations.

Love Letter

Found in The Vaal City near the waypoint.

Your soft whispers beneath earth tingle my skin, like breath of lover against my loins. I sleep not. I hear your name inside my skull. Arakaali. No name tasted so sweet on my tongue.
Stories I have heard, tales of cursed beauty. Visage of woman, jewel that walks the streets in final days of a great empire. Heard tell you sought victims, but I know truth. You sought man to love you, to break spell. You hoped true love might allow you to shed eight-leg body, to become goddess of love once more.
I pledge myself to you, my lady of Vaal. I promise love, for I am that man you have waited on. Corrupt corpse-lovers claim to worship you, call you Spinner of Shadows, but you have spun only shadows of desire about my heart.
Sweet Arakaali, I have found your altar. I will speak the call. I will return you to beauty. I will raise you from black pits of despair and together we shall rule Wraeclast in glory... forever.

Act 8

Official Orders

Found in The Grain Gate.

Captain Alsarus,
Remain in the warehouse until I personally send for you. In the unlikely event that Chitus should fall, you and your fellow legionnaires will be safely beyond the perimeter of his heart gem's influence.
You men and women are my finest work yet. I would not lose you all to some aberration of chance.
Malachai, Thaumaturge Laureate

Act 10

Cultist Tract

Found in The Ravaged Square.

Relish in hunger, dear faithful. For hunger is the one true state of spiritual abundance. When one is hungry, they desire more, and therefore align themselves with the will of the mighty Kitava. Beware, my followers, of the satisfied man, for he is the very pattern and image of blasphemy.
- The Holy Book of Hunger by High Priest Utula

Found in The Desecrated Chambers.

And our father, the great Kitava will split asunder the rocks of the earth, pulling himself out of the miry clay. He shall lay a banquet table before us and we shall feast on his divine bounty.
- The Holy Book of Hunger by High Priest Utula

Found in The Canals.

This is how it shall end. Kitava will rise, and a great cloud of black smoke will cover the sky. The glorious smell of cooking flesh shall entice even the most ardent of unbelievers to the faith, and together we will celebrate and eat at Kitava's table.
- The Holy Book of Hunger by High Priest Utula


Baran's Journals

Main page: Baran's Journals

Found after defeating Baran, the Crusader. Reading a journal entry unlocks the next entry on your next encounter.

Drox's Journals

Main page: Drox's Journals

Found after defeating Drox, the Warlord. Reading a journal entry unlocks the next entry on your next encounter.

Veritania's Journals

Found after defeating Veritania, the Redeemer. Reading a journal entry unlocks the next entry on your next encounter.

Al-Hezmin's Journals

Found after defeating Al-Hezmin, the Hunter. Reading a journal entry unlocks the next entry on your next encounter.

Sirus' Journals

Main page: Sirus' Journals

Found after defeating the other conquerors for the 5th time. Reading a journal entry unlocks the next entry on your next encounter.


Vaal Letters

Main page: Vaal Letter

Found in corrupted areas around Wraeclast. They tell of Atziri's subjugates how their turmoil under her reign.

Research Journal

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Found in corrupted areas around Oriath. They tell of Templar Davaro's contact with Vaal relics.


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Can be found beside Stone Altars in the Talisman leagues. They are the memoirs of Thane Rigwald.

Bronze Monographs

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Found throughout Trials of Ascendancy.

Bronze Plaque

Found in the Aspirant's Plaza.

"The Just Goddess presides over us all. The future of the Empire rests in her even hands."
The Lord's Labyrinth, opened by Emperor Izaro Phrecius on the second Galvano of Azmeri, 1317 IC.

Bronze Inscriptions

Found throughout The Lord's Labyrinth.

Lifegiver's Manifesto

Found in the Immortal Syndicate safehouse and Mastermind's Lair. They are written by the Syndicate's Mastermind.


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Found throughout The Lord's Labyrinth. They tell of an Ezomyte named Weylin, who tried to ascend the Labyrinth, and how he was betrayed by Chitus Perandus.