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Essence of the Hag
Essence of the Hag quest icon.png
Required Yes
Start Talk to Sin
Objective Find and kill Doedre the Vile
Completion Talk to Hargan
Boss Doedre the Vile
Doedre the Vile

Essence of the Hag is a quest in Act 8. Sin wants you to kill Doedre the Vile, so he can harvest her soul.


Quest Notification.png Meet with Sin in the Sarn Encampment.

Find Sin at the Sarn Encampment and talk to him about Doedre Darktongue. You can reach the Sarn Encampment through the Sarn Ramparts.

Sin: Doedre the Vile is the insidious infeciton that threatens to make septic the great and terrible wound that is Sarn.

However, any certainty that I had as to her exact whereabouts has been sundered by the sheer stench of her presence. We shall have to deduce her location from those who know the area best, these locals that cling to Sarn like hungry maggots.

Sin wants you to kill Doedre, so he can harvest her soul. Find someone in town who knows where she is.

Quest Notification.png Find and kill Doedre.

If you speak with Hargan, he tells you that Doedre can be found somewhere in the Toxic Conduits. The only way to proceed is through the Toxic Conduits, where Doedre is located.

Find Doedre in the Sewers next to town and kill her.

Quest Notification.png Go to the Sewers. Then Quest Notification.png Kill Doedre.

In the Toxic Conduits, you will find an area called Doedre's Cesspool. Doedre's Cesspool contains a sub area called The Cauldron. This is the boss arena. Interact with the valve to begin the boos fight. During the fight, use the valve to dispel any existing minions and chaos vortexes.

After defeating Doedre the Vile, Sin harvests her soul.

Sin: Once more into the breach, and once more we return victorious. Although, I have to admit, I did not relish the sensation of imbibing that foul witch's soul. I felt decidedly... unclean.

Still, our journey nears completion. To the north lies Highgate and the cessation of our efforts to extract the Dark Ember from my dearly departed Beast.

And none too soon. Every hour Kitava's strength grows, and the longer he and the other gods dwell in this land, the less is humanity's chance of survival.

Quest Notification.png Talk to Hargan for your reward.

You will get the reward from Hargan, not from Sin. Hargan is in the Sarn Encampment.

Hargan: You’d suppose someone as crafty as Doedre would‘ve kept her ugly head under wraps, soon as she saw you coming. I guess death robs us of many things, including our common sense.

In any case, thank you. The sewers can run clear now that there's no fetid witch clogging up the pipes.

Here, have a little something to commemorate your fine clean-up job.

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