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For the map, see Factory Map.
ArchitectJiquani, Architect of Industry
Increases the life of the Omnitect and Monsters throughout the Temple. Increases item yield of the Temple.
15% increased Quantity of Items found in this Area
Unique Boss has 35% increased Life
Workshop3 incursion room icon.png
The world burns, the cog turns.

Colour me impressed, Exile. This is elaborate.

Factory is a level 3 Incursion room. The room is upgraded from Engineering Department and Workshop.

The mini-boss of this room, Jiquani, Architect of Industry has minions known as Jiquani's Creation. The minion or a golem, has similar or the same skin as Omnitect's Guard, Amplifier Defender and Rusty Crusher.

Despite Jiquani's Creation looks exactly the same as Omnitect's Guard found in The Vaal Omnitect boss fight. The Factory room does not add Omnitect's Guard to the boss fight, Hatchery / Automaton Lab / Hybridisation Chamber add that minion to the boss fight instead.

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