Flame Sentinel

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Flame Sentinel
Flame Sentinel
Location(s) The Solaris Temple Level 1
The Solaris Temple Level 2
The Battlefront
Skill(s) Fireball with Fork or Lesser Multiple Projectiles and Solotargeted beam

Flame Sentinels have the ability to cast Fireball and augment it with either Fork, or Lesser Multiple Projectiles. They seem to choose equally between these two augmentations while firing on packs, but may choose Fork more often when only a single target is visible.Also they have a solo targeted beam.

Flame Sentinels are a favoured target for Raise Spectre due to their high DPS, useful Implicit Mod, energy shield and no damage from burning ground. A common tactic involves linking Raise Spectre with Lesser Multiple Projectiles which stacks with their Implicit Mod, causing them to cast either a five projectile Fireball, or a three projectile Forking Fireball. Greater Multiple Projectiles can also be used, but Flame Sentinels already cast additional projectiles, so Lesser Multiple Projectiles is favoured due to the lower damage reduction while still allowing up to five projectiles per cast.

These mobs appear at act 3 and act 8, in the Solaris temple.