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Gale Force
Gale Force status icon.png
Winds gather around you.

Gale Force is a counter, itself has no effect. However, Gathering Winds ascendancy passive skill of the Deadeye, which grants Gale Force, scales the effect of Tailwind status icon.pngTailwind per Gale Force. The notable ascendancy passive skill behind the Gathering Winds, Wind Ward, further augment the player per Gale Force.

Note that Each instance of Gale Force lasts 4 seconds. Maximum 10 Gale Force.



Version history

Version Changes
  • The hidden skill counter of the Gathering Winds is removed and replaced by Gale Force. The indirect effect of Gale Force has changed due to Gathering Winds rework as well as introduction of Wind Ward passive skill
  • Introduced to the game as a hidden counter for the Gathering Winds passive skill.

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