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This page is about the current map version. For other uses, see Gardens Map (disambiguation).
Gardens MapMap Level: 69
Map Tier: 2
Guild Character: J
Vibrant colours dash across the grey, consuming Man's work.Travel to this Map by using it in a personal Map Device. Maps can only be used once.
Gardens Map (Ritual) inventory icon.png
Level: 68
Vendor Prices
Normal7x Chaos Orb
Magic7x Chaos Orb
1x Orb of Chance
Rare7x Chaos Orb
1x Orb of Alchemy
Unique10x Chaos Orb
Vendor Offer
1x Scroll Fragment
Item class: Maps
Map area
No Waypoint
Area level74
Area type tagsforest, swamp
Tagsmap, area_with_water, einharmaps, garden_area
The Shaper: Vibrant colours dash across the grey, consuming Man's work.
Vibrant colours dash across the grey, consuming Man's work.
Maps loading screen.png

Gardens Map is a map area.


The layout is similar to the Imperial Gardens (or the removed area The Hedge Maze) of Act 3, as well as some areas of The Lord's Labyrinth.

Boss room

The boss has a separate boss room in rectangular shape. The arena is a patio with an inner square surrounded by columns. There is a pool in the middle. Similar to Yugul, Reflection of Terror boss encounter of Act 8, the boss may retreated to the pool temporarily. Also similar to the boss fight of Ryslatha, the Puppet Mistress of Act 6, the boss room has pots that spawn adds.

Corners provide cover from enemies, while the edges of the square consist of railings that can be shot over. Each edge has at least one passage between the inner and the outer part of the arena.



Sallazzang, a unique Plumed Chimeral.

Boss video

Items found in this area

The GamblerThe Gambler5Divination Card"I don't believe in karma. If it were real, I would never win."1
The Encroaching DarknessThe Encroaching Darkness8Map
No matter where your dreams take you, Nightmare follows close behind.
The TrialThe Trial7Map
Map Tier: 15
You cannot journey to new lands until you have the courage to leave the safety of home.
Her MaskHer Mask4Sacrifice FragmentTo her beauty you submit,
lest your neck the great Queen slit.
The PorcupineThe Porcupine6Six-Link Short Bow
Item Level: 50
The first quill separates the quick learners from the dead.
The Easy StrollThe Easy Stroll2Terrace Map
Modifiers: 8
"I'm going for a walk. I'll be back soon."

- Blonca's last words

Item acquisition

Upgrade paths

This item can be acquired through the following upgrade paths or vendor recipes:

4Boundless RealmsBoundless Realms4MapBoundless is the distance between where we start and where we start again.random mapAutomatic
6The ExplorerThe Explorer6Map
A map is only useful if you know where you stand.
random corrupted mapAutomatic
1The VoidThe Void1Reach into the Void and claim your prize.random divination card set exchangeAutomatic

Unique versions

There are currently no unique items for this base item type.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Map tiers and locations have been shuffled (though the 'pin' locations for maps has not changed). Most maps are now initially found at a different tier. Unique maps have not moved or changed tiers.
  • The Atlas of Worlds has been reworked. You now start at the centre and will work your way outwards as you explore a new storyline.
  • Added a new mechanic - Watchstones: These can only be obtained by defeating one of the new Atlas bosses. They can be used to raise the tier of all maps in a particular region of the Atlas, causing all maps of those base types to drop at the new higher tier.
  • (Not in patch notes) Gardens Map now has T9, 12, 13 and 16 variants.
  • Fixed a bug where the Gardens Map boss would not transition correctly if healed as a result of a Shaper event.
  • Fixed a bug where the Gardens Map boss did not drop items.
  • The boss fight in the Gardens Map has been completely reworked. Monsters spawned during phase transitions will grant items and experience when slain.
  • The Atlas of Worlds has been shuffled. Most maps have changed tier and location within the Atlas.
  • (Not in patch notes) The Atlas will now be shuffled every league.
  • The entire Atlas has been reworked. Many map names have changed, as have their balance, tier and position on the Atlas. Many maps have also had their boss fights swapped or completely reworked.
  • (Not in patch notes) Gardens Map (formerly Terrace Map) swapped the name with Terrace Map (formerly High Gardens Map)
  • The rules used to generate monsters in endgame maps have been significantly reworked and rebalanced around the rate at which we expect players to reliably clear out the map. In general, narrow, linear maps will contain fewer total monsters than maps with complex layouts. We will be closely monitoring and adjusting the balance of this change and expect to make further changes and improvements over time.
  • Introduced a new series of maps
  • Most existing maps have been revamped to have more balanced monster composition, layouts, boss fights and rewards.
  • The Terrace and Mine maps now generate with better pathing and more consistent layouts.
  • Sallazzang (the Terrace Map boss) no longer performs its "machine gun ethereal knives" skill, as it was unfair to players. Sallazang instead spawns more devourers.
  • The Labyrinth end-game map has been renamed to Terrace.
  • We have introduced a new series of maps. You can recognise these by their volcanic KaruiStone art rather than the old grey tablets.
  • Sallazzang in the Labyrinth now correctly spawns with a magic monster pack in addition to the normal Devourers that spawn in his arena every few seconds.
  • Removed Devourers as the signature monster in the Labyrinth Map.
  • Introduced to the game